cloaked campaigns

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    How to cook/farm Adwords Account correctly before cloaking?

    I am creating a Manual payment account via my MCC account. My MCC account is from 2011 and has good history however I had several (50 ish) suspended accounts due to violations violations but never payment issue/violations. I use a new registered domain but same hosting on all domains(GoDaddy...
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    Competitor's ad text

    Hi, everyone. Does anyone know how can I cloak ad text on adwords? What I mean is, my competitor uses ''ONLINE CASINO'' word on his ad text. But when I search for ''0nline Casino'' text matches with his ''Online Casino''. I mean, they use ''0'' (zero) but visually it's ''O''. How possible it is?
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    Want to buy a Facebook Cloaker

    Hello, I urgently need a solution to cloak my Fb ads. If you have a working solution, PM me here
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    For how long generally a cloaked URL stays on top?

    For how long generally a cloaked URL stays till its not detected by the search engine crawlers?