1. C

    need to make clipstore what should i use

    need to make a clipstore for my vids need previews with options to buy what should i use
  2. Hustlim

    Where can I get clips for youtube videos?

    Hello guys, I have 2 accounts on youtube (music lyrics) and monetize them by affiliate - not good moneymake at all. Now I want to try create account with some good compilations - for example keyword "amazing automatic machines" /watch?v=pwIa-mZeJAc /watch?v=Vf23p6yGfwQ Where this channel...
  3. apex1

    Is it ok to upload news clips to youtube?

    I want to upload some 1-2 minute clips from various news networks.. is that safe to do? Does it fall under fair use? Are longer clips ok as well? Can I try to direct people to my website from the videos? Can I add a 2-3 second intro to the clip with a CTA to my website etc? Any advice is very...