1. mb98

    Do i need a tracker for cpagrip offers if i promote them with propeller ads?

    Hi everybody , so.. i want to promote some cpagrip offers Country: Australia (they have some good email submit offers right now) Promotion type : propeller ads But my question is , do i really need a tracker? If yes , clickmagick is good enough?
  2. Intexam

    Any free alternative of ClickMagick?

    Looking for a free ad tracking service even with very limited features.
  3. ShiningWarrior

    ClickMagick SAID THIS to me...

    Hey, so I tried to sign up for ClickMagick today and after the registration I was asked for verification and I was like what the hell for 2-3 seconds as I have never seen anyone asking for verification ID photo and credit card photo for TRIAL period. It said in the message that due to red flags...
  4. ShiningWarrior

    ClickMeter vs ClickMagick?

    Hey, I plan to get ClickMeter for now because I am getting it for a good trail offer and will later switch to ClickMagick. So, anyone here used or using clickmeter and can say is there any significant difference between clickmagick and clickmeter?
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