1. M

    Facebook Like Jacking (2019)

    Trying to develop software for my sites, but stuck and need help. I tried with no success. Please direct me in the right way.
  2. Alma

    Adsense + Paid traffic?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone is still in the adsense + paid traffic game? How's it going? I have done it twice. In fact, the first money I made in IM was with this. There was a long journey discussion thread in which guy was selling and buying porn traffic through few networks and...
  3. Q

    Social Media Clickjacking - Yammer

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has tried clickjacking Yammer (social media for businesses) for likes. Or is there a generic way already done for Facebook / instagram that can be tried on this website too? We have a 'competition' going on In our company and the post with most likes will win...
  4. inmygarage

    Clickjacking for browser exit

    Hello world, Hope ya'll doing great ! I tried to search for something like this with no luck. - is it possible to place a clickjacking feature over the "x" button when people try to exit the browser or fan? Is it impossible? Thanks for any inputs on this
  5. G

    clickjacking script for twitter - no click needed

    hi, im looking for a script that works like a clickjacking script. Is it possible to generate some sort of artificial click without the user actually doing any click? thx ☺
  6. bacoto

    Hello Affiliation world !

    Hello im from Europa and im New here , i looking for friends and partner to make some great thing for happiness.
  7. A

    Anybody willing to share a good working ClickJacking Script for Facebook?

    Hello there can anyone help me with a working clickjacking script for facebook with wordpress site? Thank you
  8. TheVegan

    Click Jacking script

    Heres a click jacking script for yall still needs some edits but you get the point ;) <html> <head> <title>Basic ClickJacking Script</title> <script src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <style> html, body { margin...
  9. A

    Anyone have any working clickjacking script for facebook?

    Im looking for a clickjacking script that works on my website Can any one help me? :newbie:
  10. G

    New Instagram exploit?

    I woke up this morning to find my personal account follows an account I've never seen or followed before. And it's not a surprise that it's a Russian account called 'autotuniru.' Is anyone familiar with this? I wonder if they're using some clickjacking technique for people who are logged into...
  11. C

    $650 Click Jacking script open for JV suggestion with $0 initial investment from you.

    Just bought one of the CJ(click jacking V8 script) but haven't make use of it. Would like to open for suggestion for JV using the script. Please post the suggestion here/PM and see what we can make use of it. For profit split all is after the tax and the sharing should discuss more in details...
  12. K

    Klevolike Social CJ platform, FB,Gplus,Twitter - BEtas and reviews

    GET Unlimited FB Followers, Twitter Followers,Google +1's with KlevoLike Social Clickjacking Platform This techonlogy will will Force visitors to : LIKE a Fanpage on Facebook (Random FanPage Like implemented now) Like an url (or more of your website that you place the code on ) Like a...
  13. mrblackjack

    [REVIEW] unlimited facebook likes/recommend, Google+, Twitter followers + Clocaking. Advan

    I need reviews for this advanced platform. PM me to get a registration link.
  14. mrblackjack

    Ultimate Clickjacking Platform

    I'm letting 10 people to use and review my Social clickjacking platform. PM to get more info.
  15. ExtremeSEO

    Auto-Google +1 WP Plugin

    The is an automated Google +1 WordPress Plugin. Every time a user comes on your site, is logged into Google, and clicks anywhere on your page - you will automatically receive a +1. The plugin is simple...just activate and then let it do the rest. This was a quick script I made in about 15...
  16. richman

    [Brand New] Facebook Like Jacking Wordpress Plugin !

    Hy wpbh members, I am building and coding brand new facebook like jacking wordpress plugin. I plan to launch this weeks. Next feature : - redirect user after likejacked please suggest : 1. Another feature, so i can add on this plugin 2. how much the reasonable price for this plugin 3. how...
  17. artizhay

    Looking for someone with popular Facebook page(s)

    I need pretty decent traffic to generate some virality through a clickjack (like jacking) script, so I would like to JV with someone who has, preferably, a page with 100k or more likes. What I would like to promote is various "shocking" videos (dad walks in on daughter, gorilla tries to mate...
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