1. B

    My Earnings With ClickDealer Cpa Affiliate Marketing

    These are all my earnings I've made with ClickDealer
  2. ClickDealer

    ClickDealer - Conquering The Affiliate Marketing Industry

    Hi everyone! We are starting our official thread on BlackHatWorld forum, where we'll answer your questions, share our insights and publish special deals! Now let us introduce ourselves properly. For anything you need to discuss, reach out to us here or via skype: live: kseniia.cld live...
  3. N

    Voluum Postback and Tokens

    Hi everyone, Its been two weeks into this field, and I'm a firm believer in learning by doing, but this time - I've hit a wall i simply cannot knock down. It might be a simple solution but here goes: - Got an offer from Clickdealer - Made landingpage (landerlab) from template - Want to track...
  4. S

    Clickdealer problems

    Hi everyone, ı have been working Adult Dating smartlink with ClickDealer and after a few payments Clickdealer said My conversions fraud also they didnt want to give My payment. But also ı am working with LosPollos and Imonetizeit and they have never said My conversions fraud. I want to ask ıs...
  5. S

    cpa datig adult

    Where to Promote Offers ( dating ) , Please help me , What is the best platform to promote it ( exoclick...???? ) :(
  6. Lazua90


    Hello guys, I have constraints when promoting offer CPA, is there someone who would help me make examples of powerful words in order to get leads? I work in adult CPA
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