1. Terle


    I bought a dead Instagram page in health & fitness niche with 9000 followers. The last post was uploaded in early 2020. However the page still gets 200+ profile visits in a month. 1) How do I revive my Instagram page? 2) I want to product Clickbank products on Instagram. Do I promote multiple...
  2. MehtaM

    Can I promote Clickbank products on Instagram?

    One person is offering me an account of 8000 followers for $80. Is the price right? The account is in my niche. Can I promote Clickbank products on Instagram without getting the account banned? I mean to use a pre-lander on custom domain and put link in bio. Is it safe?
  3. tar2ed

    [Need Help] Earning Money with Instagram and Clickbank

    Hi guys, my name is Thomas and I am 17 years old and I come from England. So, recently I have a project on how to earn money with Instagram and Clickbank. I have created an Instagram account one month ago about Motivational, Success Quotes. I have currently 1640 followers and 51 posts and...
  4. tar2ed

    [Instagram] Earn Money with Wordpress Website

    Hi, my name is Thomas and I am 17years old. It has been several months working on an Instagram project to earn some money with it. I recently invested in a domain and wordpress website but my goal is to sell clickbank products via E-Mail. Is there any free methods, where I can create a superb...
  5. tar2ed

    [Wordpress] How to make money with Clickbank and Instagram

    Hi guys! Any idea how to earn some money with a Wordpress website? Thank you.
  6. tar2ed

    Anyone have Instagram+Clickbank Tutorial?

    Hello, I want to know if someone has a Full Tutorial to how to earn some cash with Instagram and Clickbank because I don't know where to start. Thank you.
  7. tar2ed

    [Free Method] How do you make money on Instagram with Clickbank?

    Hello, my name is Thomas and I am 17 years old. I am looking forward to earning some "pocket money". I was looking some ways to earn some money, and Instagram was the fastest growing social media. So I followed some tips to grow my following and I have currently two accounts. One with 6500...