clickbank + youtube

  1. M

    How to Update Payment Information on CLICKBANK

    I have tried to manually write down the Payment Information - Sub Section > Direct Deposit Information. But After that I clicked the Save changes button. Then this message showed: " Non English Characters detected in your submission, please Check your input and submit again ". I created the...
  2. RealDaddy

    Any Clickbank Merchant on BHW?

    Hello BHW, I am thinking about launching a product on Clickbank. But don't know where to start. Can you just share some useful tips for a newbie merchant like me. Thanks.
  3. Master Oogway

    [Journey] Clickbank + Youtube

    Hello blackhatworld, I just want to share my journey Clickbank + youtube I know this is saturated but as long as I invested $0.00, I'll continue this journey my method is from this forum almost 75% and the other percent is from another forum, I just mixed it up. I just started last week and I...
  4. A

    Clickbank Affiliate Videos

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can create for me Clickbank affiliate videos for youtube. If you are able to create some converting video for clickbank products - PM me.
  5. haklofdfvfg

    Comprehensive Guide to Profit from Clickbank 2018 Version 2

    Hello, my friends After the release of version 1 for subject Clickbank I was very impressed and had nice comments from all thank you all and this version 2 to complete the guide definitively If you do not read Version 1, I recommend that you read it before you read this version 2 so you can...
  6. Harnur

    Clickbank + Email Marketing.......ANYONE....?

    I have certain questions to ask... Please answer them, it wud be of great help for my online business:- 1. do you sell only 1 product in your email autoresponder campaign? 2. what traffic source do you use? 3. How do you segregate list?, cuz Clickbank doesn't provide the emails of those who...
  7. Harnur

    How to Track/Identify the Email ids Of people who bought from Clickbank Affiliate Link??

    Do you know of any software(free ones- preferably) thru which i can track/identify the email ids of people who bought from my Clickbank affiliate link.
  8. Harnur

    Why do Clickbank have no live chat support for affiliates?

    Infact do they even have email support for affiliates? Where can i get it? Each time i contact them thru live chat, they respond the queries only if are a customer they have 0 respect for affiliates.
  9. Harnur

    How Much Money Did I Earn Through Clickbank ?

    I have sold couple of products on clickbank...i have got more refunds than sales. How to find much money have i earned in TOTAL (after cancelling the refund amount) through clickbank? My data is spread across 1-2 years. Dashboard doesnot provides data for 1-2 years. How can i find my...
  10. S

    YouTube for Clickbank Marketing

    Hello Digital Marketers Sorry for my poor English I just wanted to know about what kind of promotional videos works very well for Clickbank product at youtube? My question is which one is better for Clickbank product 1. Review video for a product 2. Tips and tricks type of videos for a...
  11. thilan86

    My Journey to $100 a Day with Clickbank + FREE traffic

    Hello BHW, This is my FIRST Clickbank journey I am posting on BHW and won't be the last. The workdone so far is very simple, ---------------------------------------------- - Bought the "Easy ClickBank Commissions" guide from Clickbank marketplace on 03/27 for $19. - I bought it from my own...
  12. thilan86

    Is *** *** a good Clickbank traffic guide?

    Hi, I am planning to give a shot at Clickbank promotions. Found a decent product with a low competitive keyword that has 1000+ average monthly searches according to both google and long tail pro. Looking for some guidance on generating traffic to promote the product. I am going to start with...
  13. Harnur

    Right Way to promote Clickbank- Squeeze Page OR Direct Linking ?

    Most of the people suggest to use a squeeze page, but what if the user doesn't provides his email and leaves the website without seeing the product?(I'll lose my CPC money). And there is high possibility of this to happen. SO, Is Direct linking better than using Squeeze page? And why hell do...
  14. P

    Journey To Income Clickbank + Traffic

    Hey all, I've been a member of BHW for a while, occasionally trying different methods to make money online but never ending up that successful. I am creating this journey in efforts to keep my motivation and learn along the way. What I Will Be Doing I will be promoting a Clickbank product that...
  15. A

    Clickbank Vendor Strategy?Help

    Hi i upload my product and everything is run good i made even 1 sale. How i can increase the rating and get more affiliates .
  16. F

    Bumpy road to $10,000 a MONTH w/ YouTube & Clickbank

    Right know I am making 50-200$ on CB + 200$ with fullscreen. Right now I have 5 Channels running: The one with fullscreen, which I am scared as shit to upload to, I will probably just update earnings on that, because after few vids got into suggested, it grows every day.. Then I have 5 new...
  17. M

    clickbank instagram

    so guys how can promote a product in click bank with instagram ?? ps : without using a landing page !
  18. M

    clickbank (CB) problem .. HELP !!!

    hello i am a newbie in clickbank , so as you know , we're all here to promote others products , so as i am promoting a products , i must create a landing page (that's right ??) ... my question is : why creating a landing page as i have good traffic in my instagram or my tweeter need more...
  19. ABCman

    ABCman’s 2nd journey --- $200 a day to $500 a day with youtube

    DAY 1 Hello everyone and welcome to my new journey where I will go from $200 a day to over $500 a day with Adsense and Clickbank. If you want to learn more about the method I am using then please check out my last journey. With that all out of the way let’s go make some money! Link...
  20. A

    Is Clickbank + Youtube Successful

    Please share your experience of Clickbank from Youtube