clickbank account

  1. gentishady

    Clickbank Account Suspended - Help !

    Hey bhw fam, how's a going ? So I've started a new project and worked 2 months setting up everything, My website is built around an offer in Clickbank. I bought hosting set up a website and was preparing content before I start my social media pages. And I got this e-mail: They shutdown...
  2. M

    Help clickbank account suspended

    Clickbank recently suspended my account and they are demanding i submit proof of address documents. I am from Africa and clickbank is not available in my country, i open the account using canadian vpn and canadian address though i use my real name. Has anyone had similar experience before and...
  3. M

    Is it legit strategy for Clickbank affiliates?

    I have a few domains with traffic that I can redirect directly to the ClickBank offer. I want to do it safely for my CB account. So, is it a legit system to send traffic directly to the affiliate page with hoplink without any landing page, without any review or any notice that the visitor will...
  4. Bukunmi

    (JV)My clickbank account creation method for blacklisted countries + Your way of bringing customers

    Ok I'm also from a blacklisted country also and i have a method of creating clickbank accounts for people also in the blacklisted countries(e.g russia, morroco and many more countries(pls do a search on google to find the blacklisted countries, it's a long list). The method has worked 100% for...
  5. R

    clickbank account

    clickbank account sell my skyep : bappykhan6600
  6. Bukunmi

    Create a clickbank account in blacklisted countries

    I hope this helps for whoever wants a clickbank account but can't open due to country restrictions.....and I hope this isn't against the rule of blackhat
  7. M

    How to Update Payment Information on CLICKBANK

    I have tried to manually write down the Payment Information - Sub Section > Direct Deposit Information. But After that I clicked the Save changes button. Then this message showed: " Non English Characters detected in your submission, please Check your input and submit again ". I created the...
  8. Roger Marquez

    Clickbank won´t let me create an account

    I opened an account a while ago on Clickbank and barely ever use it. In fact, recently i had to request my account to be reopened and had to went through the verification process once again and got my account back. I thought i was going to start promoting their products but again never started...
  9. iamhunk

    ClickBank Allowed Accounts Only Europe country?

    Hello, i m working with ClickBank since 2015, still my account is ok, i saw many thread on this forum accounts are banned also not approved news accounts. Please let me know who are working with ClickBank and where are you from. Thanks
  10. I

    Clickbank Banned me.HELP!

    So, i am from india i can't make a clickbank account because they are not accepting a account from my country. i emailed the support but after 3 days of no reply, i got impatient and paid a guy to make an account for me. he did and handed the details to me, i changed the name , email and...
  11. E

    Set up Clickbank Vendor for me

    I need someone who can set me up as Vendor on clickbank
  12. LonelyTraveller

    I'm Not able to create a ClickBank account !!

    Has ClickBank stopped taking new affiliates? I'm not able to create an account. Any answers will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. arberzylfiu

    Can't open Clickbank account

    Hello. I want to open a clickbank account, but every time I try to open it it shows up this message: "Unfortunately, we cannot offer you an account at this time. Click here for more information." Now I have tried different countries with information from fakenamegenerator(USA, Germany, other...
  14. bruce.tison

    Question About Register a Clickbank Account?

    I just registered on Clickbank, after 15 min they banned my account because I live out of US.