clickbank 2016

  1. M

    How to Update Payment Information on CLICKBANK

    I have tried to manually write down the Payment Information - Sub Section > Direct Deposit Information. But After that I clicked the Save changes button. Then this message showed: " Non English Characters detected in your submission, please Check your input and submit again ". I created the...
  2. H


    I am from India.. ClickBank Affiliate Program Works In India?? If Works What types of Products I should Promote?? I should promote ClickBank products at 7search in India?? or Promote in Adwords?? Which is best? Plzz Help..
  3. Sejj

    Thousands of HOPS but no Sales

    I'm not new to affiliate marketing, but I am new to Clickbank. And last week I decided to give it a shot. I advertise mostly on Facebook because of the superb targeting(I'm a master at this), I'm currently paying low as 8cents a lead on by Facebook targeting. So I know my customer pool is on...
  4. M

    clickbank instagram

    so guys how can promote a product in click bank with instagram ?? ps : without using a landing page !
  5. M

    clickbank (CB) problem .. HELP !!!

    hello i am a newbie in clickbank , so as you know , we're all here to promote others products , so as i am promoting a products , i must create a landing page (that's right ??) ... my question is : why creating a landing page as i have good traffic in my instagram or my tweeter need more...
  6. M

    help me please

    hey guys please i need your help , i am new in clickbank but still i dont know how to promote clickbank products so please if you have any idea please share it with me thanks you
  7. rashidouk


    Is there someone who has Corse " Clickbank university v2 " or where can I find him " free " thanks!
  8. ibroxworld

    Fiverr and clickbank

    Please I need help on how to create clickbank account in Nigeria and how to make money on fiverr
  9. A

    Clickbank in 2016

    Hey guys, The aim of this thread is to collect answers from Clickbank marketers about promoting Clickbank products in 2016! I saw that Clickbank has no more new products, and all the ebooks, guides, softwares are cracked and downloadable for free! Also the quality of these products is very low...
  10. fullyniche

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