click bots

  1. S

    Click/View bot with multiple more funtions?

    Hello everyone. I am in need of an application for generating artificial traffic (bot) with proxy support. I am looking for some core features; -Multithread -Proxy -Randomize Useragent -Randomize Referrals -Randomize browser language and resolution -Able to click coordinates Is there such bot...
  2. L

    Top 10 Click Ads

    I am a Click ads addict, the last time I used to be active was from year 2009, I would like to have a review on what are the top 10 genuine click ads this year of 2010. If there is top 10 Genuine Click Ads, therefore what are those in the top 10 Click Ads Scam. It seems hard to identify...
  3. mystery

    Click Fraud and AdWatchers - Anyone?

    Has anyone of you guys tried adwatchers? If so, do you recommend them for click fraud monitoring? I have suffered from click fraud in the past and would like a permanent way to keep me safe in future. Thanks!
  4. fergster

    Some Advice for a Blackhat Newbie

    Hi All Firstly just want to say I am stoked to be a member of this AWESOME SITE. I feel like a spounge trying to absorb all this excellent info you guys are providing here. I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I have started a new affiliate White Label site that is...
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