1. L

    How to make this domain Clean please check the screen shot and give me some suggestions how to make this domain clean Thank You
  2. P

    Clean domains from blacklists (howto)

    Hi there. My domains (100++) going to black lists, some domains have red alert , when i'll try to check my domain via chrome. How can i clean my domains easy and fast ? May be not so fast. Plz help
  3. N

    Instagram Spam Report (Remove fake followers)

    Looking for someone who can go through my IG and remove any spam/bot/fake followers. Please PM. Thanks!
  4. vyactor

    Modern BHW Design Concept

    The design was created from scratch taking current design as a wireframe. This isn't an official design and is just a concept of how BHW could look at the modern design. Note: Open the original image in a new tab or click the image to see the quality which isn't nerfed. Mockup of the Design...
  5. L

    Does a site need to be fancy?

    I kind of like the minimalistic look I got when I switched themes to generatepress before I really customized. What do you guys think of a simple site kind of like this one? I am running a microniche. Will it run people off or will they appreciate a clean fast site with no popups or banners?
  6. M

    Delete all activity (timeline cleaner) ?

    I tried all greasemonkey scripts who delete your posts, likes and other stuff you posted on facebook but none of them works. Do you know a working script of program that can delete all the stuff I posted on facebook?
  7. F

    WPRobot auto content and auto clean cookies possible ?

    Hi good morning all, Is it possible when you use WPRobot auto content to auto clean cookies after each auto posting ? A plugin or something to use to help me ? Thanks a lot, have a nice day.
  8. dreadpixel

    Need to bring down a link for reputation clean

    Hello.. Looking for someone expert on bringing down links from first page of google, I need to bring down only 2 links from it. Struggling, I already sent thousands of trashy backlinks to it, Also I already added some other web 2.0 sites, but still cannot get them down. Need someone that can...
  9. W

    Feedback on a few logos?

    Hey :) I was wondering if any of you could give me some feedback on these three logos I made recently. And another thing; If I were to sell these logos, what would, in your opinion, be an appropriate price? Thank you :)
  10. C

    How clean cookies each message in wprobot ?

    Hi all, Is it possible to clean cookies after wprobot make a message please ? All know in blogging you need to clean cookies each time you make a new message and after you "ping". So how you do it with wprobot because he update alone with new content but noway to clean cookies for all new...
  11. K

    [Q] Clean URL List

    Hi i have a huge list of links, and i wanna clean it , practicaly to extract only the domain names. Do you know any tool or any certain way to do that ? Thank you very much :)
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