cl posting

  1. S

    <<<Need an idea to price CL posting>>>

    Need an idea to price of CL posting. So the big question. How much would you pay for a professional CL Live Posting service? :D:D:D Thanks
  2. publisher

    Apts real estate leads needed - poster

    If you are able to post and get real apts real estate leads hit me up, I can get you 50 cents per valid opt in.
  3. D

    cl poster

    I need a long term cl poster. I need about 30 live ads at once on cl job section. I need someone who is professional. i need the ads to stay live as long as possible. Please pm me how long you could make the ads stay live. Also pm me prices, time lines, and all other details.
  4. blue141

    Paying $9 per live ad

    I need a reliable poster who can get ads live in apts/housing for rent section. These are REAL rental ads, not lead gen. These ads are in different cities across the us, as we are a national property manager. Thus our volume is low (10-20 ads per week) and why I am paying $9 per live ad. I...
  5. W

    100 ads per week

    Hi I am looking for someone to post 100 ads per week and possibly move to 200. The ads are to be posted in canada, they are images ads and I would like them posted in the services section I can supply the html I need a weekly price ? and if you will charge if the ads get ghosted...
  6. blackmagiquellc

    [JV] CL Casuals Poster and AutoReply (Make $800 a Day)

    I need a very trustworthy and smart JV partner to post in the casuals section and respond to all the leads The LP is set up and the ad copies and replies are set up as well. You will need to be able to post from 50-1000 ads a day I will do a background check on you since my JV...
  7. D

    need emails extracted from craigslist

    Hi, Who can extract emails from a certain city in craigslist? I need the actual email addresses not the ones that look like [email protected], I need the actual emails. The city i need them from is Toronto. In general i need lots of toronto emails. Please let me know if you can do this...
  8. A

    JV wanted for emailing: got leads? are you a poster..? come in

    I have a mailer and the capacity to send (and inbox) around 20-30k emails a day. If you're already doing CL posting and you want to save time I can mail for you all day long. :cool: So, PM me, I'd like to make some extra dough.
  9. D

    whats a quick way to change ip

    Hi, Whats a quick way to change ip. I am interested in posting on cl so i will be needing to change around 20 ip's a day. Please explain the way i should do it. Thank you
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