chrome automation

  1. W

    Is there a light-weight chrome browser for Selenium ?

    The problem is it uses a very high disk usage about 250-450 Mb for a single chrome profile. Is there any lightweight chrome browser version for selenium which uses less system resources? Can you recommend any?
  2. toFacebook

    Connect Twitter and Facebook

    As of August 1st of this year. Twitter seized support for linking tweet's with Facebook. Every IFTT recipe stopped working too. You can use to link these networks now. Using twitter web, this extension will put Facebook React buttons on tweet's so they can be re-shared.
  3. Chille

    [HELP] 'Browser Automation Studio - Instagram - What To Use For Hearts And Comments?

    Hi! So BAS used to work great with instagram, but I'm kind of new with it still. The issue I have is that the automation part locks up on the liking or commenting parts randomly. And I dont know if I should use move and click on element/type text with CSS, Match, Xpath or at? It's confusing me...