chrome addons

  1. B

    Who owns a large website/blog or Chrome Extension?

    Good afternoon community, many websites on the Internet are protected by Akamai Bot Protection. Based on the canvas and a few other values, Akamai can recognize if you are using a spoofed browser. If this is the case, you will be blocked. Anonymous surfing is thus nearly impossible. I am working...
  2. Christianabreuh

    I'm making a FREE chrome extension for SEO.

    Hello guys, I have a couple days creating a Chrome extension that could help you to analyze your competitors so quick. I just want to know whats aspects you consider when you analyze your competitors. Sorry for the English is so broken, I know.
  3. I

    Marketting chrome addons

    Hi , i have see some scripts that force you to install a chrome addons or you can't quit the page easy can someone give me a link to them because i can't find them again
  4. geekhob

    Chrome Grammarly Extension Not Working Help!

    My Chrome Grammarly Extension showing "Protected By Grammarly" Please Any Solution?
  5. codobi

    Any ways to overcome Google censorship in Chrome addons?

    Google have a censorship in Chrome addons. Especially Google does not like ad blockers. And just stupidly does not miss them under far-fetched pretexts. I made an improved copy of uBlock Chrome addon, Google rejected it. Than I made the exactly copy of uBlock Chrome addon (it is on GPL, so I...