chrome addon

  1. bestspinner

    Free Google trends for Twitter

    A simple and convenient tool that shows you the Google trends on the Twitter page Do you want to know what's trending on Google and Twitter at the same time? Do you want to search and explore the popular topics and keywords on both platforms with one click? Do you want to discover new insights...
  2. Z

    Chrome addon programer

    Hello, I am looking for someone to program me a CRM addon for my chrome browser. The addon should be able to read information from a specific website and show me relevant information as well as slightly change the look of the website. There are already extensions which do exactly what I need...
  3. PDonline

    SMM panel to increase installations for Chrome extension

    Hi everyone, do you know any SMM panel to increase downloads for Chrome extension? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or experiences you have had with increasing installations of Chrome extension. Thank you in advance!
  4. Kraftwerk

    Hi! Developer making 6 figures in CPA here. Started with Chrome Extensions.

    Hi BHW Members, I'm following posts on this forum for a couple of years now and I got some valuable informations here. I made most of my income on sweepstakes working with direct advertiser for 3$ payout US geo, top traffic source was sms, search(google was hell to do). I recently started with...
  5. shuttershades

    JV: Looking for a coder, easy job (Chrome plugin)

    I'm looking for a partner who know's how to modify one chrome plugin. The job is about reskinning another plugin, removing some parts and adding some parts. Potential revenue of this is about 500 - 1k$/day or even more and it will be on autopilot. The plugin need sometimes updates, once a month...
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