chinese backlinks

  1. razharov

    Chinese and Japanese backlinks.

    Hey everyone, I see a lot of hate on chinese and japanese backlinks, but can't really understand what's the problem on that. For an English language site, its just as bad as any other non English language, isn't it? or is there something I miss about this 2 country links.
  2. B

    Looking for Chinese Backlinks (or Thai / Vietnamese / Indonesian)

    Hey, Im looking for someone that can reach Chinese webmasters (or any other of the languages listed in the title) or already have a list of sites where I can guest post. Niches: sport, basketball, football, casino, betting I need someone who can offer links regularly. My Skype...
  3. S

    Chinese Backlinks

    Does anyone know where i can get chinese backlinks? Basically chinese SEO
  4. T

    Chinese blog guest posting

    Hi all, Is Chinese blog guest posting service something that people from the western world need? To open a blog in China is actually not easy, they all ask you to verifiy with your mobile number (most only accept China number) and some even ask for your ID uploaded to get approval. And...
  5. N

    Help Needed: I purchase a expired domain that has chinese backlinks ?

    Hey there i have purchased a expired domain that has Chinese back links but have good DA, it would be beneficial to work on it or not please help me.
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