china dropshipping

  1. BradyX

    Wholesale export to Chinese Manufacturing Factories

    Hello I want to wholesale a certain type of product to Chinese Manufacturing Factories But it is difficult to naviagate the chinese market online They have huge companies but most of their websites are hosted on alibaba and communication becomes a challenge What would be the best steps I can...
  2. Q

    How much for shipping from China?

    I just got quoted for $120 for 100 units of jewelry. It would be here within 7-10 business days... is that the going cost? I'm not drop shipping.
  3. K

    Is it even possible to get cheap shipping fees for Taobao dropship?

    Hello! I recently talked to my current supplier based in China about dropshipping clothing from Taobao. I would not be doing wholesale, just dropshipping likely one item at a time. At this rate, is it even possible to make a plausible profit? Most of the clothing I stock is priced reasonably...
  4. S

    Looking for China Dropshippers

    Hello, I would like to start a dropship business, and I need reliable and trustworthy (and cheap) dropshippers from China for Cell phones and Tablets (and maybe accessories). I'm looking for a long term business relationship. Please add me on skype or send me a pm.
  5. ppcmaster

    Going to China (Guangzhou) to inspect some products in April.

    hey all, I am going to Guangzhou in April to inspect and hopefully buy some products for a small time online retailer based in the US. I will be happy to help if you need me to go check some products/deals during my 3 weeks stay. Just shoot me a message if you need help. Regards, ppcmaster
  6. F

    Suppliers from China

    Hi, Im from Singapore and is thinking about dropshipping things from China to sell in Singapore. Looking for long term partnership here so do drop me a pm so we can discuss.
  7. vcd0304

    Buying Niche Products from Taobao and Shipping it to Your Country

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I last post anything on BHW, but I do come back once a while to read new post and learn from you guys. I've been moving around in the last year, I used to live in Australia, for 13 years of my life, now I've moved back to my hometown which is Hong Kong. Doing...
  8. U

    Has anyone used

    Hi my fellow blackhatters! My friend recommended this web site to me after he purchased a dual-sim from the site. I then took a look at it and found some interesting products I may want to do dropshipping with them. But before that I want to know if anyone has used it or not? Unlike ghgate or...
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