1. imonboss

    Why someone is Junior Member and I am not?

    I was a junior member and now I turned into a regular member! WTF just happened? Am I promoted or demoted? If promoted, then it's a good thing to bear. If demoted, Why Man Why? Am I too ugly for you?
  2. imonboss

    how the hell people do that?

    I am surprised that, never been ever I be able to comment on any thread as a first person. I see thread published like 5 minutes ago and it has 7-8 comments already. I wonder how do they do that? Just looking at computer screen and having this weird thoughts! Any Idea?
  3. Heiko


    Hey BHW Fellas! Lately i've been in some kind of weird videos mode. I am listening more often to videos on Youtube that are called "Vaporwave/Simpsonwave/..whateverWAVE" and i gotta say... i really like them! - Just wanted to hear your opinion on these kind of videos.. am i the only one that is...