1. D

    OpenBullet 2 Version | Better Than Original OB Last update

    Clean Openbullet2 Native Source USE IT IN VM/VPS i cleaned myself , but for your selfprotect just use in virtual machine or vps i'm not sure if they are other bad things , but i used myself for long time and working perfectly Download...
  2. iamthewarlock

    A free online Google Indexation Checker that works

    Until quite recently, I've been using Linkody and Isindexed. But, for whatever reason, they're no longer reliable. Too many false postives and false negatives. The only one I've found that still works 100% is this one: The BIG downside is that...
  3. A

    WhatsApp / Amazon phone number checker

    Hello I would like to buy a software/script to check whether or not phone numbers in a list have WhatsApp accounts or not, and filter out the ones that do not leaving me only with the ones that do. Or something similar but for amazon accounts. Preferably as a Php script that I can use simply as...
  4. A

    Need a WhatsApp or Amazon mobile number Filter

    I want to buy a WhatsApp or Amazon number filter To put lists of numbers in and see whether or not they have accounts with these companies. Something that could check a large amount of numbers at a fast pace. My budget is about $50 If you can help me with this let me know
  5. A

    Need phone number checker

    Hello I am looking to buy a WhatsApp or Amazon checker. Basically what it needs to do is check if the phone numbers in a long list are associated with an account from either of those places and filter out the ones that are not giving a new list. If anyone has this or can make this please hit me...
  6. J

    Youtube mass video checker? Any program/soft/trick?

    Hey, I have more than 100 videos on youtube that i would like to track if they are online or they were deleted. Recently I have used YoutubeKit by sarneh by since the last update it's no longer working. Do you have any tips/program/tracker for the youtube videos? Thanks.
  7. krychaj5

    Instagram account age checker 2020?

    Hello, I'm looking for working IG age checker, no one from "search" or basic google research is working for now. Most of them won't load any result and one of them is always giving the same date so I think IG changed something and these tools have not been updated yet. Is there any fresh...
  8. davoso

    Any tool to check toxic link risk ?

    Seems that some sites offer it in their packages with their backlinks checkers. But I would just like something very simple, where I can check urls manually.
  9. X

    Looking for backlinks check api for domains

    Can someone recommend an API (free or cheap), where I can send requests with the domain name and it gives back the number of backlinks? AHrefs has this but it's very expensive.
  10. I

    Need a private checker

    Looking for someone who can make me a private account checker. i need to see if the email has an account on that website. and of course checking in bulk. As i said i want to be private so only really serious people and only PM.
  11. grobarorko

    Facebook group members checker

    Is there any options to find out where are they from members on some facebook group. I want to find group with members from USA is there any tool tnx
  12. roki4ka

    Instagram Shadowban checker

    Checked 5 of my accounts 1 is shadowbanned, confirmed. May need additional tests :) Report your experience here, please
  13. S

    Social Backlink Checker

    Can Anybody Check This backlinks pa and da and also please tell me how to find it by myself
  14. S

    Need A PHP Coder To Make Tesco Checker...

    I am in need of an experienced PHP coder to design me a script that will check tesco accounts and will display the voucher balances. If you no what i am talking about and have seen these kind of chekcers and no how to make one then please add me on ICQ. The checker will run on socks and check...
  15. KarenMiller

    Best tool for doing a fake followers check on an IG account?

    I'd really like to compare the number of fake followers on some accounts, but I can't find a good tool. Anyone?
  16. T

    Mass Blogspot Subdomain Checker?

    Hello guys, i want to ask of you is there any mass blogspot subdomain checker out there? since when i try i cant find it, i just found one but then cant touch with the seller, pls if anyone know pls tell me, whether it's free or paid software/web. thank you guys :)
  17. E

    Whats a good Proxy Scrapper and Checker

    I'm looking to get a good proxy scrapper and checker, I've been checking the site but most of the ones being given away are either broken or the download links no longer work. could someone point me to one that's either free or doesn't cost the moon.
  18. R

    [FREE] Bulk Website Alive Checker - WAC 1.0.2

    Hi guys, i don't as much as i want on this forum but i hope this program helps you!! Website Alive Checker its, as the name tells, a program to check if a list (.txt) of websites is alive or dead. One Website Per Line and the output its two files, one up.txt, with the alive websites, and a...
  19. E

    3G / Wifi Checker

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there's a script (or something similar) to check if a user is connected to my site using the Wifi or the 3g. It would be super usefull. You could handle differents ADS behaviours knowing the user connection. Thank you all
  20. S

    Hotmail account checker

    Hey guys, I have one problem. I'm have thousands of hotmail accounts and i want to check that they are correct and that the defective. In list of mails is quite mails that are faulty, expired, unregistered or deleted... I want to see which are defective and remove them... so far I have done this...
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