check links

  1. BlueBuzzy

    Is there a tool to check whether your links on certain sites are still live?

    I know SEO Powersuit offers this - any other similar services out there? :)
  2. H - a New FREE SEO Tool

    Hello :) I've finally released a new cool SEO tool that checks different SEO parameters for domains and saves their history. So you can return again later and check for progress of your domain or domains of your competitors. My tool also has bookmarks to different SEO services for each...
  3. SpamHat

    [GET] Bulk Link Checker - (great to check the effectivness of link bundles you buy)

    ( Disclaimer: This is a quick script written in 5 mins, not a work of art. It's a quick and dirty link checker - no more, no less. :) ) What It Does: A few days ago I wrote a quick script in php to check a list of URLs for a string (my url). I wanted to check some of the link services here and...
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