1. ShiningWarrior

    Game/App Hacks/Cheats sites illegal? Also BlackHat techniques?

    Hi, just wanted to three things: 1) is it illegal If I make a site for a game or any app hacks and will I be able to index it on google? 2) What kind of BlackHat techniques google does NOT like and will not rank my site upwards? 3) If I keep the word "hack" in my domain, will I face any...
  2. paulkersey2017

    my fiverr journey to $25 per day

    Hey im Going to try and make at least $25 per day (being realistic) using fiverr. with zero money.I will be focused on social media Growth
  3. D

    Adpump Stole My $800 And Threatening Me Now

    Adpump Stole My $800 And Threatening Me Now Trying to stop their scams forever, how would you guys like to help me?
  4. G

    How can i make this kind of fake proof for Android games ?

    Hi, i am wondering how can i make this kind of fake proof, how can i make the coins rise in android games like this fellow is doing right here on youtub: /watch?v=SxFIH4SU5E0 i tried with rooted device but i can't make the coins rise in online games, need some advice please.
  5. M

    Knights and dragons CHEAT IOS ?

    Hey I was wondering if any 1 knows any working cheats for knights and dragons that does not require any surveys ?
  6. A

    Leecher no more =)

    Hi, I always read this forum but never really wrote anything. So it's time to stop being a leecher and start 'seeding' to you guys! What I do? I'm usually making bots, any kind of bots. From grabbing the whole hot-or-not site database to creating mail/twitter accounts using my...