1. B

    Chaturbate Viewer Bot

    I'm looking for someone that has the skills for creating an app that generates registered members to join my stream while I'm broadcasting, about 1000-2000 viewers (registered and non registered).
  2. E

    Chaturbate verified Account

    Hey Guys, has someone a verified Account for me in Chaturbate? I will delete your Mail after you give it to me no Problem, i want the Account only. It should be verificated by a men because Im a men :D. Thaaaaaaanks
  3. Maya739

    Need a bot live viewer for chaturbate ! Help

    I need a program or a bot that can add anonymous live viewers to 300 ++. I tried it alone and I added up to 200+ live anonymous but added just like the figure but did not raise me in the top because the site climbs you on the number of IP-s adress that look at you live. All my...