chaturbate tweak

  1. Paskrtild

    How to sort Chaturbate chat rooms by date

    Hello everyone, For research purposes (I swear! LOL) I'd like to know if there is a way to: a) find out when a broadcaster joined CB b) sort the chat rooms by join date: from the newest broadcaster to the oldest. Any ideas?? Thank you!!
  2. E

    Chaturbate verified Account

    Hey Guys, has someone a verified Account for me in Chaturbate? I will delete your Mail after you give it to me no Problem, i want the Account only. It should be verificated by a men because Im a men :D. Thaaaaaaanks
  3. Billy Batts

    [GUIDE] Tweak On My Passive Income Chaturbate Method (could even get you more $$$)

    What's up Digital Pimps?! So a couple weeks back I dropped this guide called: Earn $xxx A Day With Chaturbate (no money needed - easy to scale) Which had some great interaction!(and still:)) So thanks for everyone that pushed that like button and contributed. I came up with this tweak that...