chaturbate link

  1. O

    How Do I Add my custom domain to chaturbate?

    I know it seems easy but i am not a fcking wizkid and yes i googled it but i can not find it out myself. So I tried to add my custom domain from namecheap. ( a .com domain) Basicly did everything chaturbate asked for but its not working. i get this error message: "DNS Record is incorrect...
  2. Paskrtild

    How to sort Chaturbate chat rooms by date

    Hello everyone, For research purposes (I swear! LOL) I'd like to know if there is a way to: a) find out when a broadcaster joined CB b) sort the chat rooms by join date: from the newest broadcaster to the oldest. Any ideas?? Thank you!!
  3. sus

    Urls shortner for porn links (Chaturbate offer)

    Recently my short link of chaturbate was suspended by google as voilating the rules. So can you guys please suugest me some other url shortner which dont show ads like google urls shortner. And I have also seen other use google shortner for crackrevenue so doesn't it banned crackrevenue link?