1. julian01

    Looking for chatters!

    We are looking for chatters in the +18 sector for some android apps to send simps to OF. You will need: 1.) You age should be 18+ (we will verify; no ID required); 2.) Good English writing skills. No point to apply if you don't have it. We will test your English skills in the interview. 3.)...
  2. E

    CPA Networks that allow Incent Traffic?

    Hello guys Can you recommend me some CPA networks that allow incent traffic? I wanna try their offers with chat traffic.
  3. TomTheCat

    Release the women...

  4. kirbis

    hiring chatters/freelancers

    i’m looking for people who can work with dating traffic to chat for onlyfans for %. only requirement is an phone, helping with everything else. if anybody’s interested shoot me an email - [email protected], will get back to you ASAP
  5. kptpiotr

    [NEED] Telegram chat mass messages

    Hi! I want to buy messages sent to several Telegram public chats. I haven't found it anywhere on BHW, only mass DM services. I will provide You list of messages (no links, no media, just short messages for marketing purposes). Messages are look like the other in given chats, so you won't be...
  6. ristoriel

    How do I share screen?

    How can i share someone's screen with myself without them knowing on ig chat?
  7. mohitfarswan

    I need a chatbot

    I need a chat bot script that automatically posts msg in chatroom with automatically creating different usernames at the same time
  8. yakuzaemme

    [Suggestion] Implement Live Chat on BHW - It's the missing golden feature

    I've spent 2 hours researching this. PLEASE - make sure you read it all before leaving your comment(s). BlackHatWorld is great. There's thousands of super talented people on here. The reason why BHW is considered the #1 IM forum by many is because of the extremely in-depth discussions that...
  9. mizo corleone

    is there any chat rooms here? and how to join?

    is there any chat rooms here? and how to join?
  10. tommyboy34

    Want To Hire: Send Reddit Chats To Users From Certain Subreddit

    I am looking to hire a freelancer that can send chat messages to Redditers that post in a certain subreddit... Freelancer would need to check the subreddit every 15 minutes and respond to each new poster. .10 per chat message Freelancer must have their own Reddit accounts.
  11. F

    Best network for adult PPS Free Trial CHAT traffic ....

    Hi guys , So I am looking to start pushing PPS offers to my adult CHAT traffic but thought I would ask advice on the best programs currently . Obviously I would like to avoid being shaved and need a network that is stable , reliable , and good for long term PPS Free Trial submits .... Thanks...
  12. imonboss

    Why someone is Junior Member and I am not?

    I was a junior member and now I turned into a regular member! WTF just happened? Am I promoted or demoted? If promoted, then it's a good thing to bear. If demoted, Why Man Why? Am I too ugly for you?
  13. DigitalAnt

    With all those long passwords whats your prefered way to store em ?

    Some of us write down in a notepad , some use last pass etc. With all those logins and complex passwords combos which is the trusted or best way you feel convenient to store them?
  14. M

    Using chatbots for blackhat methods.

    So i created a snapchat and facebook profile. Being bombarded with horny men. So I was just wondering if it is possible to create a chatbot and have it interface with these 2 mediums? Just some chat AI that keeps these people company/busy and to help them think i'm real. Them thinking you are...
  15. K

    Are there any chat jobs or companies paying for virtual profile making?

    I was wondering if anyone here knows of any serious company paying for making virtual profiles to for example adult dating sites? I have worked with adult chat the last 5 years, where I also am making profiles, but the profile pay is low, and its a weekly minimum of messages per week I need to...
  16. fizakhan1

    How can i embed video chat like Omegle,Coomeet on my website?

    How can i embed video chat like Omegle,Coomeet on my website? please guide me.
  17. P

    15k clicks in URL per month by polish dudes who just chat my fake profiles.The best way to monetize?

    Question as above I’m just looking for a way to monetize all those click. I have fake accounts that just immediately send horny dudes an url when they write those profiles. What is the best way to monetize this traffic ? I’m totally new into this. Do you know some good ppc ?
  18. imustbebored

    INSANE Facebook Loophole Found - Message Every Website Visitor Automatically

    First of all, I want to make one thing very clear: I am not selling this method here. Do not reply to this thread asking me to sell the method to you or anything of the sort, all requests for this will be ignored. Now that that's out of the way, I'm reaching out on here looking for some...
  19. kd199121

    Wordpress Free Plugin For login Along with Chat

    Hello !! I am designing a wordpress website which provides various types of activities related to chef - I need a plugin to setup a unique login with email verification and it will have the option to choose whether the user is a normal user or a chef - Both chef and user should have different...
  20. TheStrongest

    Is Hosting Important For Chaturbate?

    Hi guys, Please I want to know if buying a hosting plan is necessary to promote Chaturbate affiliate program since the domain will be redirecting to your affiliate link. Is chaturbate still paying? What are the better and high converting alternatives
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