1. sycho1984

    Billboard Music Charting

    Hello, I am in need of someone that can chart a song on the charts of billboard music website. I am also in search of someone that can chart a book on best seller's lists.
  2. Susanta Lohar

    How is it even possible, {need help from Chartboost guy}

    This account on flippa " tutbarao " has 100% positive feedback, and 79 transactions totalling $89,701 What amaze you is his most of the app are shitty kid game yet earning huge with chartboost. How is this possible? here's his one app listing
  3. Q

    Chartboost Acccount Suspended !!! To Share

    I share my personally real examples here. Cannot but believe network forum everyone written. Many Chartboost have also been suspended, although no violations have been made. I use applovin chartboost vungle, everyone recommended advertising network. I have no malicious clicks or brush ads.Only...