1. swagbasedgodswag

    How would I get my memos off my phone that doesn't have an LCD display

    I broke my phone recently and want to get my memos off my phone through the android memo app. The catch is that my phone screen has gone completely black but the screen still has touch capabilities. Is there any sort of program I can download that will allow me to just connect my phone with usb...
  2. R

    Validate your phone number database with this tool! Check for cell, bad & landline numbers

    We offer FREE 5,000 credits for your test account. Request a demo for free. API available. Contact us: skype: validatorpro email: [email protected]
  3. swagthegame

    Wholesale Electronics Cheap Free Shipping and Dropshipping

    Anyone need some wholesale unlocked cellphones and Tablet PCs or Cellphone Watch... Look up our site Company Name- IROCKHATS Kinda new to the site just spreading the word... Shipping- UPS, FEDEX, DHL Delivery time 5-7 days These cellphones and Tablet PCs are not Knockoffs. Let me...
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