1. O

    Cell Phone Proxies??

    I was wondering if anyone had info on using cheap cell phones and their SIM cards as proxies. Any one else heard of this or know anything?
  2. Kabone

    Looking for C/C++ developer to help port cryptocurrency miner to Unique Platform

    I am looking for someone to help me port over a monero miner to an older architecture (Cell Broadband Engine). I am much to busy to do it myself, and it should be easy for the right person. You must be familiar with optimizing and be fluent in Assembly. I have devices that you will be able to...
  3. chantelloo

    need help in excel macro

    what i need is a script respectively a macro. exmaple: i have column A what i want is, when i change the value in cell 10A , then the date (today) should bet set in cell 10X when i change the value in cell 11A, then set in cell 11X. regards
  4. D

    Cell Phone Repair School

    I'm looking into cell phone repair, I found a place that teaches cell phone,tablet,game consoles and how to run this electronic repair business. downside its 800 bucks wanted to see if anyone wanted to go in on this?
  5. W

    Need an account to be verified using Landline (no Virtual Phone Numbers)

    If you have a real number and will help me verify an account by call or text, let me know. I will have a few, but just one for now. Need verified ASAP. Just let me know the number and the price. I don't even need it forwarded, if you want to just give me the verification code after it's sent...
  6. M

    Where to get INTL cell phone number lists?

    Does anyone know where I could gather lists myself or buy lists of international cell phone numbers? Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, ect. would be preferred. Appreciate any help, thanks!
  7. L

    1000 AT&T-Tmobile-version cell numbers

    Hey I was wondering if anyone has a list of 1000 or so cell numbers. The list has to have ALL one carrier. (so I can sort them easily). I'll pay you for the list! I if CSV I'll pay extra! PM me if you have something! Thanks
  8. P

    Facebook Mobile Activation Service

    Hi all, I can buy SIM card instantaneously for cheap without any registration information required on my behalf, just buy and insert into phone. These SIM cards are only around 25p/0.40 US cents each. Would it be worth me setting up a Facebook profile activation service where people...
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