cell phone

  1. hellfire777

    Cell number rotator?

    Because Facebook and others want confirmation of cell phone number if they suspect a robot or someone "high risk", would it be a good idea to start a third cell phone rotator service? They (it could be Google or anybody) want to verify cell phone and account correspondence, and if the own...
  2. O

    Cell Phone Proxies??

    I was wondering if anyone had info on using cheap cell phones and their SIM cards as proxies. Any one else heard of this or know anything?
  3. snackshop

    Cell Phone Provider??

    Who do you prefer as a cell phone provider? Who has the best options with least payments?
  4. NicholasVegas

    [JV] I provide company owners personal #s / emails, you monetize

    Hello BHW! I provide you: names, cell phones, and emails of US trucking company owners (and more) I am looking for: experienced someone in cold calling / emailing that can monetize this precious information *must be from USA If you don't want to publicly reply, you can PM me your phone...
  5. BigBangTheory

    [GET] A free cell phone number

    Sorry if this is the wrong section for this post as I'm not actually giving away phone numbers but just the method to get it. For this to work you will need an iPod, iPad, tablet, or phone. You will also need an actual phone number before doing this method though. Step 1: Download Dingtone from...
  6. D

    Cell Phone Repair School

    I'm looking into cell phone repair, I found a place that teaches cell phone,tablet,game consoles and how to run this electronic repair business. downside its 800 bucks wanted to see if anyone wanted to go in on this?
  7. jonahighroller

    Need cell phone numbers of specific individuals, inside the U.S. and the U.K.

    I'm trying to get in contact with some certain people, I have a good amount of information on them (Full name, address, Date of birth etc.) but I've only been able to find a house phone number or no number at all. Are there ways out there to retrieve cell phone numbers?
  8. GoDesain

    Free Real Cell Phone Number

    Hello all BHW members, I need your help to check my cell phone number is available in your interest like facebook, jvzoo or others. but please make sure.. 1 member only get 1 number and only member who have 10 post with register date before June please post your web interest in this tread...
  9. B

    Cell phone list

    I need help acquiring a huge cell phone number list. Any ideas?
  10. P

    Public Cell Phone List

    This may be a complete shot in the dark but is there a public list of US cell phones numbers out there somewhere? Or a site that I can scrape with "publicly" listed US numbers? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  11. T

    Just acquired a list of over 100 million mobile numbers.. Looking for partners

    Hi, I work with an investor that developed his own system, gateway and database of over 100 million cell phone numbers. I have randomly tested the numbers by the 100 thousands and has been extremely successful in helping promote a shopping website. We have no issues with delivery and getting...
  12. N

    AdMob is disapproving my ads. Please Help.

    I set-up an AdMob account a few months ago. I have a clickbank account and a peerfly account. I set-up 5 ads on Admob as an affiliate promoting an Australian dating site which I targeted to Australia only(Peerfly), a Canadian dating site which I targeted to Canada only(Peerfly), free mac mini...
  13. I

    We are an Htc Evo 4G supplier!

    Hello, We have a large inventory of Htc Evo 4G's in stock at extremely low prices. All our phones are 100% authentic htc's. They all function 100% and are in great to like new condition. We are looking for reliable bulk buyers. Please let us know if anyone is interested. Thank you iSellCells
  14. I

    I am a BlackBerry supplier!

    Hello, We are new to this forum but have been selling cell phones for the past 6 years. We sell a variety of blackberry models at very low prices from new to used all in excellent to great condition and all function 100%. All our phones are 100% authentic blackberry's NO FAKES. We carry new...
  15. blackma

    New SMS marketing section!

    I think we are in dire need of a sms marketing section to replace other forums that have demised. What do you guys think?
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