1. mandude

    GreenRoads - CBD Affiliate Program with 30% Commissions

    I serve as the Affiliate Manager for Green Roads, a nationally recognized brand specializing in CBD and Delta 8 products. Perhaps you've heard of us! We have an esteemed reputation in the industry. We are currently in the process of refining our affiliate strategy and are keenly interested in...
  2. techgeek2021

    Best Affiliate Network for CBD Affiliate Products??

    Hi Which are Best Affiliate Network for CBD Affiliate Products??
  3. dnzul


    Some of you might read my other post, so here's my initial idea. Recently, I came across a new substance called HHC, which is a synthetic cannabinoid. In my country, marijuana is illegal, and many people want to get high regularly but can't afford it due to its high cost and dangers. Since HHC...
  4. W

    Cannabis Guest Posts needed - English and Thai

    Hi all, Looking to purchase guest posts directed to our cannabis dispensary. Open to English and Thai language/sites only. If your blog is not cannabis/cbd related please dont message. PM me direct only please, i cant keep track of adding people on skype. Regards, WF
  5. AlbertWeskey

    Looking for a seller of high quality CBD PBN link

    I can't use PayPal. Card or Crypto only.
  6. Danny Crypto

    DIrect Connections With The Largest CBD Oil manufacturers - How Can I Monetize This, Need Your Suggestions!

    Already working as an affiliate marketer for them but what else I can do to increase the revenue because I have a really good connection with them. I don't want to over use that connection, I want some methods where me and that party be happy af as always. The more sales will bring the happiness...
  7. A

    CBD: Guest Post or link insertion

    I am looking CBD Guest Post Sites & For Link Insertion Niche: CBD Traffic: > 1000 DA: 20+ Budget: let me know no pbn I dont have skype. Please send me PM
  8. clo.king

    Approved creatives for Facebook ads | Crypto, Nutra, Gambling, Adult, Replica

    Hello! I'm going to share some creatives that have been approved by Facebook for different offers, whether it's crypto, NUTRA, gambling, adult or your Replica store. 1- Crypto: Titles: How Richard Branson is Helping UK Residents Become Rich Richard Branson is Helping More People Gain Financial...
  9. A

    CBD Guest Posts & Link Insertion - Need 10 / Package Preferred

    Niche: CBD Traffic: 100 to 1000 Budget: up to 40$ US Per Post or Link Insertion I need 5-10 links. I have high quality articles I can supply. Please DM samples + discounts. Preference is for packages / volume discount. Payment via paypal only.
  10. K

    CBD Guest Post or link insertion

    I am looking CBD Guest Post Sites & For Link Insertion Niche: CBD Traffic: > 5000 DA: 20+ Budget: let me know tell me also if you have website in spanish.
  11. Client Verge

    ★★★ 10 REVIEW COPIES DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ★★★ CBD, Vape & Cannabis Social Media Management | Niche-Specific Designs + Targeting

    CONTACTS Skype: mars.beals Email: [email protected] REVIEW COPIES 10 x BHW 50% OFF Discount Available -- Comment "CANNASMM" Below to Receive Your REVIEW Discount!
  12. PPC_BOSS

    Upgrade your blackhat knowledge and Uplift your skill

    Hi All, I am ad drop of water in the BHW ocean. Like everyone I have my own my to find the solutions and make the things working for me and my team. We am not Mr prefect and my campaigns also suspends and We also face the same issues you guys are facing in day to days activities. I may not be...
  13. D

    Cannabis/Hemp & CBD Products PPC

    Hello all, sorry if this is a noob question but didn't see too many updated types of posts in the search. I saw some people online managing to get delta-8 ads on search and the google shopping network. Was wondering if it worth doing any sort of PPC to promote hemp/delt-8 or CBD products in...
  14. Mr. Meeseeks

    Selling Premium 36DR Cannabis Blog ranking for 2k keywords + 18 Cannabis PBN sites

    Hello Everyone, Selling my baby that I have been nourishing for a few years. Currently due to school and work, I don't have much time to dedicate to the site so I would like to sell to a motivated buyer. Great opportunity for someone wanting to break into the Cannabis/CBD scene. I'm likely...
  15. G

    Google Ads for CBD niche

    Hi, Looking for somebody that can run Google Ads for CBD niche.
  16. Starblazer

    What are difficult to rank but highest paying blackhat niches? CBD, pharma, adult, or nutra?

    I know about niches like weight loss and make money online which are difficult to rank but are equally rewarding. But the authority sites eat majority of the first few SERPs making the newbie players difficult to enter the market. I'm not looking for such niches. I see a lot of people spamming...
  17. 0dysseus

    Starting a regular blog + Youtube channel in CBD - what am I missing?

    I'm thinking about starting a blog+Youtube channel in the CBD niche. Would love to hear any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and feedback about my strategy, especially if you have any experience in the niche. Here's what I'm thinking. I've done a few regular blogs in other niches, mostly...
  18. FinestCPA

    Armorica - E-commerce CPA Network | Top-Notch CPA, CPS, COD, and RS offers | SmartLink | Nutra, CBD, E-commerce, Fitness, Health, etc

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Armorica - an outstanding e-commerce CPA network. Here you can find highly demanded e-commerce CPA and Revenue Share deals from Nutra and CBD to Fitness equipment and Educational. For payouts, we support Wire transfer, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Wire, and...
  19. D

    CBD backlinks and google ads, Facebook ads cloaking

    Hi, I am new here...looking for health niche, cannabis, and cbd guest posts. As well as someone who can get our google and Facebook ads. Let me know.
  20. Nihilism

    Anyone got experience with private label weed?

    I'm looking into this as my local hustle, since it's legal here and I already have contacts in the industry. The idea is simple, buy product, re-package it with my brand, sell to dispensaries and delivery services. Has anyone done this before?
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