casino affliate

  1. theseuz


    Hello y'all. I'm wondering, where these guys find demo casino games? (click here to see what i mean) You can play all over the internet to 'test' the game but I can't find how they are embedding them. Is there any website / source where I can find this games? Also, is there any chance to find...
  2. D

    Gambling Affiliate!

    Hey, Im an gambling affiliate, I work with VPartners, I was wondering what is the best way to promote gambling affiliate? I was posting on tiktok made few leads but now you cant anymore since tiktok updated their restrictions. I would appriciate a reply! Thanks!
  3. A

    Hiring PPC specialist for igaming.

    Hello, we are doing BH campaigns for igaming affiliate for several geos(Australia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Finland etc.). We have many warmed up accounts and active campaigns. We are looking for PPC specialist for manage campaigns and optimization. Applicants must...
  4. J

    Casino Affiliate

    Hello, I'm looking for the best affiliate program for Casino, we are starting a new casino and I would like to ofer it to affiliate.
  5. H

    Forum relevance for Casino sites

    Hey, Doing some forum posting to my casino/betting affiliate site. I am using Majesticseo among other tools for judging the impact of the links. I would like to have some suggestions on site topics which relevant to Casino/betting. Currently I have been posting on forums related to sports...
  6. M

    How get thousands of online casino or online poker emails futur players ?

    Hi good morning to all, So like i saw in all infos to get real online casino or online poker players, not the content but you need to get a big email list. So what is or are those best solutions to get emails from players (look like better poker players because can pay in cpa highter than...
  7. F

    Why keyword online casino do not give thousands in results ?

    Hi to all, I made a new page using only keyword "online casino" and 6 banners, descriptions about new casinos results 0000000000000000 :( So is it thrue you need to make pages with flags, links to others languages work better than only english ? And Worldwide Traffic Rank give more English...
  8. D

    casino affiliate program

    Hi, What product or service can i offer casino traffic either then promoting casino's? I have casino traffic. I obviously already promote casino sites to them. What else in that category can i present? maybe casino business opp, or some sort of casino calculator or anything else that they...
  9. W

    For those casino affiliates around here...

    Can anyone please suggest a good casino affiliate program, I am specifically looking at the video poker niche. So far the best one I have found is Also, which stream is better to sign up with, pay per deposit, or pay per "lifetime" play? To others currently...
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