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  1. Trackwat


    FACEBOOK ADVERTISING ACCOUNT FOR RENTAL - ALL PRODUCTS 5% SERVICE FEE ( DIVIDE 50:50 FINAL THRESHOLD $900 ) Coming to our service, you will be provided with everything for you to create campaigns such as Advertising Accounts, FanPages created in 2016 with >1000 likes or Page Blue Stick , BM...
  2. Trackwat


    FACEBOOK ADVERTISING ACCOUNT FOR RENTAL - ALL PRODUCTS 5% SERVICE FEE ( DIVIDE 50:50 FINAL THRESHOLD $900 ) Coming to our service, you will be provided with everything for you to create campaigns such as Advertising Accounts, FanPages created in 2016 with >1000 likes or Page Blue Stick , BM...
  3. Clare Jane

    Casino PBN Network (DA 50+) - Reviews Required for Side Bar on Links

    Hello BHW , I'm offering 20 review copies for my Casino PBN Network -1 PBN sidebar link with DA 50+ / DA60+ 24 hours after we send you the report. we expecting your honest review Please post below to grab a review copy and I will get in touch with you soon. My service Link -...
  4. C


    I need to advertise my casino in Brazil through meta ads and I am looking for the best
  5. A

    Casinos affiliate marketing

    Hello Everyone, I just joined some Affiliate networks and got casino campaigns. My question is how can i run Google ads for "online casino" campaigns in other countries without a casino license?
  6. S


    Hello, I need someone who can run ads about groups that give advice and tips on betting and online casino, without banning ad accounts. We are running a huge project in my country and I need someone who is capable of running the social media marketing campaign with success. PM for more info.
  7. I

    Casino for iGaming in Portugal

    Hi you all! I´m looking for an casino that can be used for iGaming in Portugal.
  8. T

    [ADS GUIDE] Run Casino + Forex And Crypto Ads Successfully!

    Since working as an ads expert for the past few years, I've had my fair share of experience running Google and Facebook ads in difficult areas such as finance, crypto, and casinos. These industries are not only heavily regulated, but also fiercely competitive. Let me walk you through a...
  9. J

    how's the performance to promote CBD/Casino offers in Facebook Ads, Does anyone try it?

    I tried to use Google Ads to promote CBD/Casino offers, but Google just banned my ads after I launched the campaign for a while. I used Traffic Armor for the cloak. Now I decided to transfer to Facebook Ads for these verticals, Have you guys tried this before? Does Facebook always ban ads for...
  10. D

    Casino and Gambling websites marketing techniques?

    Hi, I'm working on some gambling or casino websites for a country in which these things are banned, so my question is to get traffic for a website which techniques can i use? Like paid and organic both. Apart from these, like can I use WhatsApp marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing...
  11. Ideas Services

    [20% OFF]⚡Casino Landing Page Creation On DA 50 Plus Website⚡Attractive Pages Transform Potential Customers into Loyal ♐

    Skype: live:ideaswebservices Email: [email protected] Paypal Email: [email protected] ORDER NOW
  12. B

    Does anyone have experience getting FB Gambling ads to run?

    No matter what I do FB will not allow me to run ads for Even though it is a social casino FB blocks me from running high ROI ads which is crippling to overall effective marketing. Does anyone have any advice or can anyone help to overcome this hurdle?
  13. D

    Looking for Google ads account with verified Social Casino or online gambling License.

    I am looking to buy google ads account with social casino or online gambling license and of course going to buy as well the website that got approved. If you have any or know someone that have this just let me know in the thread or PM me instead. Thank you so much!
  14. T

    █████ [FREE TRIAL] ██████ [Complete Black Hat Ads Service] ✅Casino + Gambling + CBD + All Niche ✅Any Country ⚡Google Ads + FB Ads ⚡

    FOR FREE TRIAL - REPY TO THREAD BELOW Skype ID: Email: [email protected] Telegram:
  15. Sofiamartinez

    [Free Review Copies] Hire Google Ads Expert For FREE + Google Ads Management Service

    Greetings Everyone, We Are Currently Looking for Reviews To Our Service Thread: Google Ads Management Service ➤➤➤ FREE TRIAL ➤➤➤ Hire Adwords Experts ➤➤➤ Guaranteed Results You Can Choose Any One Of The Following To Test Our Service: 1. Keyword Research (Complete Adwords Keyword Research) 2...
  16. F

    Online casino affiliate cpa

    Hey all we are looking to get traffic through Affiliate marketing we pay up to 45% in commission our affiliate system have User list that you bring from your link How much they spend you will have your own Username and password to track your players We pay in cryptocurrency we go through some...
  17. Ketpar

    Anyone running Casino Offer? I need some basic help

    I am thinking to run casino offers. I need your help to get some basic info. 1. Which is the best traffic source for casino offers? 2. Do I have to use cloaker to run ads on any traffic source? 3. The countries I am thinking to run casino offers are Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal...
  18. jediape

    Looking for someone experienced in running Facebook Ads for Online Casinos

    Hey guys, I am kind of new in this world, but I got good opportunities & offers for running online casino ads on Facebook. - I will have a whitelisted Facebook ad account, which will give me access to advertise these kind of campaigns on those countries where it is legal. - I run an agency, so...
  19. A

    Approved by Facebook to run gambling ads but account still disabled

    Hi all, I have been previously approved by Facebook to run gambling ads in Kenya. But once I start to run the ads my account is instantly disabled. Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid this issue? Also would be open to a partnership if someone has previous experience running gambling...
  20. clo.king

    How to run GAMBLING offers on Facebook | From A - Z

    Welcome! Today I will share with you one of the ways in which you can promote Gambling offers without getting your ad accounts banned on Facebook and Instagram, and to maintain a high level of profit. There are 6 basic steps we need to follow! Create your own offer page Warm up the ad account...
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