1. georgetoons

    What is your Favourite Cartoon? And why?

    I will kick it off by saying mine: Avatar the last airbender
  2. georgetoons

    You never knew this!

    Okay i know this is not what any of you were expecting to hear when clicking on this but i did not know this for the majority of my life so i wanted to share it haha. Tom & Jerry never hated eachother and were actually best friends the entire time. Tom would act as if he is trying to chase Jerry...
  3. D

    Building an adult store

    I mainly write adult lesbian ebooks with cartoons inside, no platform allowed me to upload this type of content. I was banned from KDP and Kindle for that content. Recently I opened a store in iwantclips and I could upload at least 4 of my ebooks and an animated lesbian movie. But unfortunately...
  4. J Lyrix

    Need an animated music Video (Trap song)

    I am a rapper looking for a good animated 2D or 3D video for one of my songs that is a 3+ minute song with at least 3 characters. I have a few request for clothing and accesories. It is a trap song. Im willing to spend between $200-300. My IG is J Lyrix.
  5. J Lyrix

    I need a cartoon music video for a song i made

    Im a music artist in need of a cartoon music video for a song of mine. Anybody know of a person who makes cartoon/animated videos? My IG is J_lyrix P.S. I only do PayPal.
  6. LogoKing

    Creating cartoons on YouTube

    What are the chances to create a successful cartoon on YouTube? If I made short clips around 5 minutes long. I would just create them until I found a cartoon that got the most views and continue doing that cartoon would be the plan. How much do you get paid per thousand views? Anyone attempt...
  7. GenesisOne

    [Brits Affairs] For Fellow Brit Fellas (and anyone else)

    No politics intended, just found this amazing cartoon and wanted to share.
  8. Oreos Are Bae

    Anyone Started A Cartoon streaming site

    I would like to know how is it done like or something like that how is it done
  9. storkJ

    Hello Everybody! I'm Animator on Youtbe.

    Hi everybody! I'm Stork. I'm Animator on youtuber. I make video cartoon for child. I want earn money so i'm joinning forum.
  10. domyhd

    What do you think? Cartoon website

    Hi, what do you think of my idea with Cartoon website similar to 123m0vies but for kids? Will i need offshore hosting etc? And how should i monetize the site (is there any money?). Thank you :)
  11. H

    Lynda course animation character to do cartoon video for youtube

    anyone join lynda course for animation character? I'm pleased that we can share the money.
  12. GringoMonkey

    Looking for 3D Artist/Animator

    I own a publishing company and am looking for a 3D artist / animator for our childrens comic books / YouTube channel. If that is something that interests you please pm me your details with links to samples of you work. Regards GM
  13. enriquevlz7

    Question: how to make cartoon and animated videos in youtube

    Hello everyone I need help. I am wondering how to make cartoon and animated for kids videos in youtube? What software or online service I need for make this type of videos? Thanks :)
  14. F

    Looking for a cartoon/video maker to create series of marketing videos.

    Hi there, I'm looking for a person who can make a white board style animated videos. You have probably seen these, blank page with a cartoon clip that plays for 5-6 minutes typically talking about a product or service. I can't post links here, but can explain if needed. Please provide your...
  15. X

    [REQ] Xtranormal State Plus and the 20gb+ addon files

    Im looking for a working copy of Xtranormal State Plus and the 20gb+ files of added packs etc. To cut a long story short while a little old it is still one of the best text to speech animation programs, the orignal software/website was made by a company that closed. A person took over the...
  16. M

    Hello From Mavis Rooder

    Hey guys - I'm new in here. I'm graphic and web designer but I'm also a cartoonist. I draw stuff... For those who are curious - google my name. A time ago I got my hand broken on several places, had surgery, implant, rehab - unfortunately the things didn't stop there - the company I was...
  17. popzzz

    [GET] Vectorsgold Vector Character Packs

    Vectorsgold Vector Character Packs And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah ..... ..... popzzz ~ WARNING: The file(s) you need for this share are EXACTLY named: "Vectorsgold.Vector.Character.Packs.part1.rar"...
  18. Kruczy

    Cartoon style design

    Hello guys, I want to ask one question - do you know howto/is there any tutorial online to make cartoon style items in Photoshop or something? ipolecat[dot]C O M/ i love this design and just want to know how its done! Thanks in advance
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