captcha solving

  1. D

    Are There Any TikTok Captcher Solver APIs Available?

    So far I am looking into some TikTok CAPTCHA solver, but even 2Captcha does not offer it anymore and no other service I have found so far, offers captcha solving for the three captcha of TikTok (puzzle, rotation,2object matching).
  2. Mcherch

    Captcha solvong

    i have an automation software/system that i have created. The only thing missing is a good captcha solver that can solve google image matching captchas, are there any good API's that can solve these? i cannot post a link to a picture yet.
  3. kivok


  4. SEOmate

    imagetyperz gift code giveaway

    Hi guys, There is imagetyperz gift code giveaway. requirement: min 50 posts at the forum some jr vip members will receive more gift codes.
  5. innozemec

    CAPTCHATRONIX.COM - Cheap & Accurate Captcha Solver [ReCaptcha & 2500+ Others]

    Heya Guys, Most of You know me pretty well and use my kickass proven link indexing services InstantLinkIndexer and Indexification trusted by thousands of IMers. I provide groundbreaking reliable SEO services with 100% positive feedback, totally smashing down competition, making my customers...
  6. SEOmate

    How-to you use CAPTCHA solving services and not to get ruined?

    I'm just trying make the point, correct me if I'm wrong. As we all know, there are at least two ways to solve CAPTCHAS 1. OCR 2. human-powered recognition services The first option is usually lifetime licensed software that you purchase once and then use it with your solutions. This way, your...
  7. R

    Gsa Captcha Breaker And Ultimate Demon

    I know this question has been asked before and the answer is already out ther but I have more questions. First off I google how to use captcha breaker with ultimate demon i was told to do the following 1. In Ultimate Demon set: BypassCaptcha to 1st priority 2. In the field for your key type in...
  8. O

    How to determine the success rate of your captcha solution is GSA SER?

    Hello, I running GSA SER, with captcha sniper and Death By Captcha. I'm trying to figure out how to determine the actual success rate of each step, so that I can compare it to GSA Captcha Breaker. I decided to run a 12 hour test. I reset all the stats. I have Captcha Breaker set 1st, followed...
  9. NikosX

    does anyone know what captcha solving RoboSoft has?

    I tried the trial version of RoboSoft software today to massive upload my Android game / Press Release I presented to you BHs here the other day: and I noticed that I got an, over 80%...
  10. andreyg13

    CAPTCHA SNIPER Your Auto Captcha Solving Software!

    Save Money - Slash Your Captcha Solving Costs Stop wasting your time and hard-earned money on captcha solving services that are slow, inaccurate and costly. Captcha Sniper solves captchas faster and without having to pay per captcha. Solve Captchas On Your...
  11. Gr33nHat

    How to use DeathByCaptcha in Bookmarking Demon

    A lot of people have PM'd me about how to make DBC work in BMD. This is the solution: They use an inflate price from ($4/1k Captchas).
  12. A

    Captcha Solving Service accepting AlertPay

    Is there any Captcha Solving Service accepting AlertPay?
  13. Gr33nHat

    Best Practices for Using CAPTCHA Solving Services

    Hi Black Hatters, I would like to give you guidelines on the best practices on how to use CAPTCHA Solving Services. I have come to notice that there isn't much information about this. All the information that is available is just regarding how to input your username or password or API key, but...
  14. H

    Captcha solving for any software, CLAD genius integrated, software plugin

    Today is all about marketing and web is your prime way. Advertisement in blogs, social networks, etc significantly increases the efficiency of the business. Many services use pictures called CAPTCHAs in order to prevent automated use of these services. We understand that you can not do all these...
  15. X

    CaptchaNOW - human based 24/7 captcha solving service

    Dear BHWers... introducing to you a new captcha solving service captchaNOW , a fully human based captcha solving solution. Dedicated and quality captcha typers are putting hard effort to solve captchas 24/7. Price $1.75/k, which is cheaper but providing best service is still the main...
  16. donjuan

    Best way to pay webmoney from paypal for captchabot?

    What in your experience is the best way to send payment to webmoney from my paypal account for the funding of my captchabot account?
  17. sikx

    Get what you deserve on Captcha-Solving-Services (Method)

    So you know all these sites like decaptcher dot com etc. which solve captchas for you at rates like $0.002 per captcha eh? You will quickly find that this still adds up rapidly. What if I could tell you that you can easily cut these costs in half? Let's think a bit out of the box. Most captchas...
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