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  1. D

    Simplest CAPTCHA solver service to integrate into a SERP scraper - Deathbycaptcha, 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, other?

    I found these articles listing CAPTCHA/ReCAPTCHA solving services: I was wondering if people can suggest which of these is easiest to use and integrate into a...
  2. B.Shahin

    ✅ CaptchaAI - Accurate 100% ⚡reCAPTCHA⚡ OCR Services - 7 Day Free Trial for BHW Users.

    CaptchaAI The Accurate "reCAPTCHA" OCR Services We support reCAPTCHA 100%, Solve Media, and 27,500+ image captchas. CaptchaAI Emulator Use this desktop app to emulate the Capatcha solving process. Refund Policy: - You can request a refund if you are not satisfied. The refund should...
  3. imagetypers

    imagetyperz gift code giveaway for decoding recaptchas with tokens!

    Hi friends, We have decided to make one more giveaway at this year, so there we will give away free gift codes from 1USD to 5USD (software developers can get more for integration as a gift.) to claim the gift code you must register at and put the code at the sign in page. so JR...
  4. behemothseo 20 x 3K Giveaway!

    Hello BHW, I'm Samuel from We are a premium CAPTCHA service that offers a SLA of 9-seconds-or-less solving time, plus high accuracy and NO OVERLOADS! You can connect our service with any software/script compatible with Death By Captcha/De-Captcher using our hosts-file changing...
  5. SEOmate

    Best and cheap Captcha solving service

    Hello guys, Im really interested which captcha solving services are you guys using, so there are poll... please explain everything, thanks. P.S. we are from 2captcha team and we want to improve our service quality, so please make your choose and explain why.
  6. SEOmate

    again 2captcha gift codes giveaway! $2 free balance for new members only!

    Hi TBN members, I hope everyone know about our service, our latest updates about 4x4 google and rotate captchas, if so then please test it, there is the page where everyone can find the UPDATED API 3x3 and 4x4 clickable captchas: The giveaway for BHW users...
  7. Z

    Captcha Breaker or Captcha Sniper 4.4 for SENuke XCr/ScrapeBox/GSA SER?

    Hey guys - short question: Would you rather recommend CS 4.4: or Captcha Breaker: I have read lots and lots of opinions all across the forums but they were all outdated and now when CS4.4 is...
  8. J

    Should I get Captcha Sniper (Already have gsa cb)??

    I have captcha breaker but it does not solve all captchas, so I want to know if buying captcha sniper would be get to pair with gsa cb. If not, which is the best and most reliable captcha service out there? Thank you.
  9. Jasonlf

    Cool new Captcha service... Bad news for blackhatters!

    Just found this new Captha service. Wouldn't mind running it on my site. I guess its not a problem for manual Captcha services but I think Captcha Sniper will have a hard time with it... for a while. ;)
  10. H

    I Need Captcha Worker Admin Panel

    We have 3 year experience in online and offline data entry projects now we can plan to do Captcha entry project so kindly send me how i can get genune captcha project service detail. Thanks & Regards Heaven Team
  11. HealeyV3 ~ $1.15/1k Cheapest Captcha Bypass ~ 25 Free Review Copies Available!

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" - Do you use Decaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, or CaptchaBot? - Tired of...
  12. andreyg13

    CAPTCHA SNIPER Your Auto Captcha Solving Software!

    Save Money - Slash Your Captcha Solving Costs Stop wasting your time and hard-earned money on captcha solving services that are slow, inaccurate and costly. Captcha Sniper solves captchas faster and without having to pay per captcha. Solve Captchas On Your...
  13. WARHOL

    Captcha Solver Software?

    Hi guys, are there any captcha solver software available? Im spending more than $30 a day in captcha alone.. I don't care about the price and the hardware requirements if in the long run it will save me a lot of money. P.S. What does decaptcher and deathbycaptcha use in solving captchas? I...
  14. R

    How Many Captchas You Solve Per Day ?

    Hello folks!! Just to get an idea that which tool and which catpcha service company as a combination is hottest in BlackHat Methods. So I will appreciate if you guys tell me 1: Which Tool(s) are you using 2: Which Captcha Company/companies are you using 3: How many captchas per day you get...