captcha decoders

  1. B.Shahin

    ✅ CaptchaAI - Accurate 100% ⚡reCAPTCHA⚡ OCR Services - 7 Day Free Trial for BHW Users.

    CaptchaAI The Accurate "reCAPTCHA" OCR Services We support reCAPTCHA 100%, Solve Media, and 27,500+ image captchas. CaptchaAI Emulator Use this desktop app to emulate the Capatcha solving process. Refund Policy: - You can request a refund if you are not satisfied. The refund should...
  2. Newbeeto


    hey blackhaters!!! can anyone plz help me on how to get rid of the annoying" :poop:I am not a robot:poop:" verification captcha??? I will be soooooo grateful :D:D thank you all
  3. SEOmate

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    Hi, We're offering free gift codes $5.00 to limited BHW members (it's will be enought for a 5000 recaptcha v2 solution or 7000-10000 simple captcha solution). It's a captcha automatically solution service by real peoples, it's very important for seo softwares. Number of giveaway: 20...
  4. A

    Resolving CAPTCHA with numbers on buildings

    hi everybody! i'm looking for a captcha resolver, wich can resolve efficiently captchas wich have number on buildings, like those: can you recommend something? thanks!
  5. K

    Looking for a Captcha solving site for new google no capctha

    Hey guys so im looking to find some sort of captcha solving site that can handle these new types of google no captchas. Basically the captcha shows 9 images and tells you to select the images that match the question. like it can show 3 pictures of food and 6 pictures of cars and can ask to...
  6. M

    I need Captcha solving service...

    Hello i offer work with captcha, i have 50 - 70 000 captchas that need to be solved in a few days . 1000 captchas = 1$. If someone is interested please send me a message