1. darkhackerx


    Netflix Primevideo Envato Elements Grammerly premium Zee5 premium Canva premium Skillshare premium Vecteezy premium Motionarray premium Storyblocks premium Placeit premium Crello premium So the Steps to get these accounts for free- First you have to Register your self in this site (Mods - I'm...
  2. dakudaddy

    [Method] Get Canva Pro For Lifetime

    Canva Premium For Lifetime Through Canva for Education Step 2: if you see an Temporary Edu Mail then follow next steps, if you don't see an email with .Edu then simply click on Delete icon Unless you get temp .Edu Extention. email should be something like this Step 3 : go to...
  3. W White

    [MEGA GIVEAWAY] Celebrating my JR VIP Upgrade - Giving Away Canva Pro Subscription for Lifetime Invite On Your Existing Account

    Hi Guys! I am celebrating my JR VIP upgrade on the forum. So I will be coming up with several huge giveaways worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. In this giveaway, I will be providing invites for a lifetime Canva Pro subscription on your existing account. Requirements: - Must reply in...
  4. Hustlim

    Pinterest - direct affiliate links and automatic pins?

    Hi, I came across a pintereset account: I'm interested in 2 things. 1. Does Pinterest have a problem with affiliate links? 2. How do you think they form pins? I think it uses some kind of automation, but I'm not sure. Or do you...
  5. A

    200+ FREE Graphic Designing Course (Limited Time Offer)

    :) Credit - 100OFFDeal Free Photography Tutorial – 10 Do’s & Don’ts in Photography Free Photoshop Tutorial – 10 Things you must know in Photoshop Free Jewelry Design Tutorial – 2Shapes: From zero to hero Free 3D Modeling Tutorial – Learn 3D Modeling: Shapr3D for Beginners Free...
  6. SonOfBhw

    [Giveaway]Get 100+ free temporary credit card details to use for Canva premium [1 month trial]

    Ladies and Gentleman today i am going to share 100+ credit card details, which you can use in Canva to get premium trial. ( i have got lots of PMs and skype message asking for canva premium so i thought its better if i share it here) Live | 5436881387725431|02|2025|368 Live |...
  7. F

    Canva logo design It's Free
  8. IM Rider

    [FREE] get 3 months of crello pro, an alternative to canva

    1) Go to 2) create a free account 3) go to 4) enter ISMAILBLOGGER 5) you account upgrades to pro and next payment is due on August 15th
  9. dakudaddy

    [Method] How to Get Canva Pro Free

    Hey Members If someone already post that then sorry for again posting but I searched I didn't found any post regarding this. Here are the steps of getting canvas pro free for a month without using your email or credit card Go to Login into via any fake Gmail id because Canva...
  10. slickbrick

    Free/Freemium "Canva-like" Video Creation Software Anyone?

    Hey guys, do you know an easy to use free/freemium video creation software? I need to create some quick videos for a new product and wanted something easy like Canva for photo editing. Thank you.
  11. BHGhost

    [GET] 25 Social Media Templates

    Ok this is kind of a test for me. I don't really like MEGA because the upload is so slow on my end but it was the best way i could show you everything that was included. If anyone can give me any other ideas I would appreciate it. What's in the box: 50 Photoshop Social Media Templates (25...
  12. K

    An idea of Journey

    Create some social network accounts (probably instagram) of the main niches: fashion, travel, fitness. But instead of "borrowing" content create my own using canva and purepng or stickpng images Then try to sell shoutouts or maybe the service of custom fake pictures (fiverr) I will try the...

    [TRICK] To Remove Canva Watermark For Free

    Hello BHW fellows, As most of you were using canva for creating images banners etc for your website or client's. Sometimes we really like an image and want to include in our image but it has their canva branding on it and tells you to purchase it. Today i will teach you a cool trick to remove...
  14. Ismah

    Canva FREE Alternative

    Its my 1st post . I found this valuable . Many People don't know about this website . ==>> designer . gravit . io Remove spaces from link. Its not my website or i am not doing any promotion. Moderator Please remove this post if its against rules. Thanks .
  15. Warrenway

    Anyone have experience with the Canva button?

    I came across the "Canva Button" (Canva's design button API) a few months ago, but was sad to find out that "Due to the high volume of requests, we're not currently accepting new applications" to use the API. I keep checking back periodically to see if they open it up, but no luck. I've also...