1. M

    What’s the bust advertising platform

    Please can someone help me with the best advertising platforms, I do own a website, telegram channel which I sell premium quality cannabis and psychedelic products and I’m looking for a good advertising platform that’s not expensive for advertising and driving traffic to my telegram channel...
  2. S

    What are hosts allows cannabis related contents or which host cannabis friendly?

    I looking for cannabis friendly host, I decided to namecheap then I saw a post about someone's cannabis website penalized by namecheap because of cannabis related contents.. What do you advice cannabis related content for hosting and domain name registarar company?
  3. Y

    How to promote new Telegram Channel for Vapes Wholesale?

    Hello, I wanna promote my new Telegram Channel where I offer Wholesale disposable cannabis cbd and hhc vapes and cartridges. I dont know how to get subscribers and people to order through my telegram channel. Please help. I am willing to spend also money on promoting it.
  4. jeanfrank

    Do you have any ideas about the ads of promoting the products around cannabis?

    Hi guys, Hope everything is going well with you. Recently, I'm promoting some products around cannabis, such as grow lights. But there are no direct audience keywords for my choice. Do you guys have any ideas about promoting this type of product? Thanks in advance
  5. jeanfrank

    Which interests or keywords would you recommend?

    Hi guys, Recently, I have been promoting some products around the cannabis on Facebook. But I can't choose the words "cannabis" or "CBD" as the audience interest. If you sell the CBD product, which audience interests would you choose? Appreciate any suggestions or ideas from you guys. Thanks
  6. N

    Boost website with 301 redirect

    I am looking to boost traffic to my website quickly by implementing a 301 redirect method. The plan involves creating three websites with similar topics. I will utilize tools such as GSA Search Engine and XRumer to generate a large number of backlinks for each of these three sites. Once the...
  7. dnzul

    [$ IDEEA] HHC + Disposable Vapes?

    Hello, Recently, I came across a new substance called HHC, which is a synthetic cannabinoid. In my country, marijuana is illegal, and many people want to get high regularly but can't afford it due to its high cost and dangers. Since HHC is a cannabinoid, it provides a similar level of high...
  8. W

    Cannabis Guest Posts needed - English and Thai

    Hi all, Looking to purchase guest posts directed to our cannabis dispensary. Open to English and Thai language/sites only. If your blog is not cannabis/cbd related please dont message. PM me direct only please, i cant keep track of adding people on skype. Regards, WF
  9. Tony Fiasco

    WTP / HAF Searching for an Experienced Instagram DM Service for Performance Marketing (Weed/Cannabis Niche)

    Hello to everyone, My name is Tony and I am working with the owner of a licensed grower and seller of medical weed based in Los Angeles, California. We are currently searching for a highly skilled and experienced individual to assist us with performance marketing. The primary focus for you...
  10. Charly Papas

    [Strategy Share] How I plan to generate sales for single product store (Germany)

    Hi frens, *Sniff Sniff* Do you smell that? It's a strategy share you are smelling. As a total degenerate, I bought large quantity of stock for a smoking device (cannabis) which is pretty dope and I am planning on selling it in Europe. DETAILS 500 units produced All packed and quality...
  11. Client Verge

    ★★★ 10 REVIEW COPIES DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ★★★ CBD, Vape & Cannabis Social Media Management | Niche-Specific Designs + Targeting

    CONTACTS Skype: mars.beals Email: [email protected] REVIEW COPIES 10 x BHW 50% OFF Discount Available -- Comment "CANNASMM" Below to Receive Your REVIEW Discount!
  12. PPC_BOSS

    Upgrade your blackhat knowledge and Uplift your skill

    Hi All, I am ad drop of water in the BHW ocean. Like everyone I have my own my to find the solutions and make the things working for me and my team. We am not Mr prefect and my campaigns also suspends and We also face the same issues you guys are facing in day to days activities. I may not be...
  13. S

    I need a good copywriter for a LEGAL IN CANADA cannabis & shrooms blog

    So basically, I need a writer who: Writes damn good texts in English; Knows a lot about weed, shrooms, this community, and so on. I need someone who loves both psychoactive stuff AND writing, to combine it all. Articles are 1-2k words in volume. The list of possible topics includes...
  14. D

    Cannabis/Hemp & CBD Products PPC

    Hello all, sorry if this is a noob question but didn't see too many updated types of posts in the search. I saw some people online managing to get delta-8 ads on search and the google shopping network. Was wondering if it worth doing any sort of PPC to promote hemp/delt-8 or CBD products in...
  15. Mr. Meeseeks

    Selling Premium 36DR Cannabis Blog ranking for 2k keywords + 18 Cannabis PBN sites

    Hello Everyone, Selling my baby that I have been nourishing for a few years. Currently due to school and work, I don't have much time to dedicate to the site so I would like to sell to a motivated buyer. Great opportunity for someone wanting to break into the Cannabis/CBD scene. I'm likely...
  16. C

    Hello =.]

    Here to explore some niche marketing on a budget for mainly a Cryptocurrency / Cannabis / Art if anyone can help let know! =.]
  17. Viridescent

    My verified Emails + Your method= Make money

    Hello! I am Viridescent, I've been working with email lists for a couple of years mostly for clients, these days I've been thinking about starting a business and have passive or semi-passive income. I have with me around 10 to 60k verified leads (Could be more than 150K if I add the ones that...
  18. nantoli10

    cannabis SEO/PPC god

    Looking for someone to get me traffic on a Canadian cannabis site. Weed is quite different to rank and ppc because of it's restricted keywords by google/fb. Revshare possibility. Hit me up and let's work
  19. MonteCarlos

    At Last! A Payment Processor that is focused in the "satisfaction" of their clients... Any Thoughts?
  20. Viridescent

    About Cannabis Email Lists

    Hello BHW community I've been here in the forum a couple of days and I've learnt a lot, I decided to make a website and start something because I saw a couple of guides, thanks a lot to all! Ok so, the real question here is, I have a list of about 20k emails in the Marijuana Niche, I spent a...
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