1. X

    Get Camtasia 9 and Snagit for $20 ($300 Value)

    Sorry if this has been posted already, didn't see it when searching. Humble Bundle is doing a software deal right now and if you spend $20 you get a key for Camtasia 9 and Snagit (plus all the other stuff in the bundle). Camtasia 9 isn't the newest version, but it's a fantastic tool and the...
  2. Aadarsh

    Need porn uploader and editor

    I'm Happy with the two worker's on this forum it's time to get the third one. Work. Download daily 10 video's from specified sources Edited Daily 10 videos. Upload edited videos with specified videos. Question's or FAQ 1.How much will I be paid? Ans-35$ for every 350 video's you upload. 2.Where...