1. B

    First Chaturbate Check

    My First Check! Took a while to arrive. Image doesnt upload...
  2. T

    Snapchat account getting ban everytime

    Hey I'm a affiliate marketer and I'm doing marketing with Reddit traffic and I use Snapchat for promote cam or adult dating offer...but now days it's very hard to run Snapchat account.. because Snapchat everytime ban my account for permanently... anyone have any solution for this issu? Please...
  3. D

    CAM4 affiliate program revshare. What do you think?

    Hello, What do you think about CAM4 Affiliate program with revshare ? i am a bit skeptical for 2 reasons: 1) none talks about it on forums 2) on their website they advertise their livejasmin whitelabel. WHAT?? why do they have a whitelabel with livejasmin and advertise it on their main site...
  4. xEssence

    Best way to get traffic to my Chaturbate affiliate link on the cheap?

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to get traffic to my chaturbate affiliate link on the cheap. Does anyone know some good methods to do so? So far I have tried chatroom traffic to some success but the actual signup rate was not the best considering on average I would have to speak to about 15 people...
  5. Playmak3r

    Playmak3r - Adult Cam Whitelabel Journey That'll make me rich :)

    After moderate success with my first cam Whitelabel I've decided it's time to re-brand and go even harder with my current project. This will be my journey thread and not a method. I'm not gonna go in-depth on how I'm promoting and what I'm doing. I plan on updating this thread once a month and...
  6. D

    Cam affiliates: average time to become spender after sign up

    Hello, I wanted to discuss about the average time of a user to become spender if you are promoting cam affiliates. I’m promoting stripchat since 3 months and I noticed that users become spenders immediately or rarely after few days. I don’t have any user becoming spender after weeks or months...
  7. Kinkykoty

    Done reading time to join

    I've been reading this for months. Never took the plunge because I'm stubborn and like to learn anyway but atleast this way I can ask questions now too! So... Hi! I'm in a great market even with the covid crisis. I do it all myself right now and I'm fine with that too I just want to be better...
  8. A


    I use Crakrevenue almost exclusively on and I like these guys. All of my links are 1 or 2 clicks no BS. My CAMS are straight to the point with no registration. I do get paid about $100 a month so I highly recommend these guys if you are interested in doing an adult blog with...
  9. N

    Chaturbate views bot

    Like the title says. I want a bot/platform that can give my girls views. I should be able to control how many views come on and add or remove accordingly without all the views going away. Let me know what I need for this (proxies, servers etc) and how much you will charge
  10. saulop

    Instant messaging+Adult CPA+Twitter still works?

    Instant messaging with Twitter still work? I was manually advertising my cpa offers with a cam niche, I was doing 5 conversions every 30 messages of 1-3 $ a day (it pleased me), after seeing that the method still bears some fruit I decided to see the possibility of using automation, I have some...
  11. K

    Porn tube vs porn cam site

    Pls tell me which is the best? Sorry for asking stupid questions.
  12. Yasminxo2

    Best Path for Girl doing homemade porn & cam?

    So I just made an account on here, I have been lurking the past two weeks because I know its annoying for people to post questions on here when there are plenty of threads about it already However,I want to make sure I am going to my full potential and not making any mistakes So I just...
  13. X

    Cam Sites White Label Programs Still Work? (such as chaturbate)

    A friend and I have been talking about starting a white label cam site for a few days but I havent seen anything about this here for a while. Therefore I wanted to ask, is this a method that is still viable? or are we late to the party? Also if anyone that is currently running a site like this...
  14. F

    Best network for adult PPS Free Trial CHAT traffic ....

    Hi guys , So I am looking to start pushing PPS offers to my adult CHAT traffic but thought I would ask advice on the best programs currently . Obviously I would like to avoid being shaved and need a network that is stable , reliable , and good for long term PPS Free Trial submits .... Thanks...
  15. S

    Chaturbate / MFC View Bot

    My girlfriend is looking for a view bot that will increase her page ranking for 3-4 weeks.
  16. S

    Couple on Chaturbate looking to increase viewers

    Looking for any methods to increase viewers for my girlfriend and I. We stream on Chaturbate, Streamate, and she does MFC as well... Looking to increase stats so we can increase our income. We are not in the best position at the moment. This is a new BHW account, I have used this site on and off...
  17. P

    How can I get free adult traffic?

    Hey guys, i bought a domain specifically for an adult site. I intent using it for a tube site on easyxsites. Unfortunately, easyxsites current disable building a tube site with custom domain. Now I want to use this domain as whitelabel site. The problem is am still an amatuer at this. I...
  18. P

    Need Help/Suggestions, Thanks :D

    Anyone know some Legit Paying Networks that has $1 trial dating or cam offers or even low pre auth offers? Please suggest some cause i want to put those offers in my network, thanks in advance :D
  19. hfinfo

    Looking for a cam site which accepts chat traffic. ( PPS ONLY )

    Hello guys I am looking for genuine cam pps offers which accepts chat traffic .
  20. alice252293

    Question for amercian - Which celebrities instagram account I should I target?

    Teens dont have money. I tried to target Lebron James, Beyonce, Miley cyrus, ... followers But I only get teens followers (around15-19). I know this because they sent me DMs lol. Which instagram accounts I should target to get 30+ followers. Niche: cam