1. Rollfic

    Which calendar app u use?

    Hello, which calendar app u using to remind specific work in specific days? I don't want to use Google calendar, so any similar calendar with notes and reminder option?
  2. zeven

    Calendar invites

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone who can manage large amounts of calendar invites or tool that does the same. Anyone out there? Please get in touch. Cheers
  3. en.outgoing

    Calendar website

    Is there an interactive calendar plugin for Wordpress or website template that will allow me to 1) post seminars or events 2) have website viewers confirm their attendance (not important) 3) allow people to add events on the calendar, pending admin approval? Thanks
  4. L

    [ask].ics calendar into wordpress posts

    Hi there, I'm looking for a plugin to import and convert ics calendar as a worpress post. I saw some at Maybe do you know which one is the better or another one ?
  5. P

    New eBay tool to monitor auction items via calendar

    Has anyone else tried the tool for eBay called bidCal? It is a new, free tool from Calgoo Software that allows eBay buyers to subscribe to a feed of eBay auction items, creating a personal watch list of items of interest right inside an electronic calendar. In other words, you can find...
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