1. T

    CPA redirector +cakeslice + Geopip base configuration help

    I have purchased the Brad's CPA redirector but not sure how to configure the Brad's CPA redirector as per visitors geoip. Please let me know , if any body have idea about it. Basically I have created a cpa page by using the cake slice and now I want to hide the referral by using the Brad's CPA...
  2. raybes

    Cakeslice not working on landing pages

    I have been trying to iFrame some email/zip submits using cakeslice... I can get it to work fine on my own websites, google homepage, etc. and finally I just found a landing page that it worked on but I don't want to risk my account with that network... I found a bunch generously paying email...
  3. A

    How to drive traffic to my email submit after I use CakeSlice?

    Hey everyone, I've been experimenting with cakeslice today and I'm looking for ways to drive traffic to my website. I've searched this forum high and low for traffic generation methods for cakeslice email submits but I found close to nothing. I set everything up and I made the website look...
  4. E

    GODCPA help!!!! Urgent!

    I have GodCpa 1.4.3 and I want to use it to crop an email submit offer and put it on a wordpress blog in a post and on submit to redirect to another post or to a static page on my site. I have watched the movie tutorial from youtube but is very basic, only the crop process and not the...
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