1. elsolo5o

    Hello! - Do you like the challenges?!?

    hello.;) i'm new...( here and as a webmaster) i lost my job and i need to build a blog and a landing page for commercial purpose(this is not a problem) but i need to reach a maximum of subscribers in 1year with your help, what results can i expect?:suspicious:(provocation):anyway:
  2. M

    Hosting for a viral website

    I have a questioning about the plans in hosting platforms .. as an example Bluehost: there are Wordpress hosting and shared hosting. For a website I plan to build for Viral and buzz articles 1/ is iit preferable to choose a Wordpress theme? knowing it's more expensive than the shared hosting...
  3. flashsites

    Social Media Monitor and Autopost

    Anyone know of a software that monitors social media and makes posts/replys/mentions based on keywords used? Like is "hot dog" is mentioned somewhere. it'll reply "check out hot dog emporium" *Also switch based on key so next would look for "buns" and reply "bettie's buns"..
  4. roki4ka

    [POLL] Starting a new project, need your opinion on a viral theme

    Since I am thinking of a theme for the past few days I can't really decide which to use. Why there are so many choices? Which one would u recommend and why? Is there another in your mind?
  5. M

    Looking to Pay $$ money to one who can increase hip hop artist's online buzz!!

    I'm looking to pay money to anyone on here who can use their skills/services to help my rapper rise to a point where he's getting the legitimate views, downloads, followers, likes, and overall media buzz/coverage he deserves. This kid is supremely talented to say the least and has 350k plus...

    Looking To go viral before its to latel!!!!

    Hello btw i been running this rat race online to long and really getting tired. I can't lie i made good money online and never new what the next step was i search and tested but never moved on. Now at the top of my peak i had a big chance but the people putting the money into me wanted me to...
  7. H

    How to create BUZZ and TRAFFIC for FB page/app?

    Hi guys, I am novice in this forum, so I would need your advice about social marketing. I am going to launch application next weekend on FB and I would like to know what would be the best way to create BUZZ and TRAFFIC to app within 24 hours after app is up and running... I need real people FB...
  8. C

    What"s The Best Sites Or Tools For Social Media Research For Finding Trending Topics!

    What's the best tools or sites to find out what's trending & creating a lot buzz & where theres a lot of people talking about the topic on the social media sites like Facebook & Twitter.
  9. bannedfree

    Making use of Big G's buzz

    Ever notice your Google Buzz on your gmail account? Well you can create a profile there and can post your URL and keyword that you are promoting. As many post as you can. :D Keeping the good flow of the juice from their side to yours. Hope this will be informative to you guys....Enjoy
  10. bhedbri

    Google Buzz Marketing Strategies?

    Just wondering if any of you have coem up with any decent strategies for marketing on Buzz? It seems that if adopted by the masses it will likely be a better tool then even Twitter. Already there are several forums related to Buzz popping up such as not to mention sites...
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