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  1. M

    PlayerUp - Buying YouTube accounts

    I found out that there are websites like PlayerUp, where they sell YouTube accounts with 1000s of subscribers and monetization enabled. The questions is, since it so difficult to create a channel, with subscribes, likes, comments. It's time consuming and hard work to upload videos. And even...
  2. FaizanAnsari

    i want to buy Youtube Aged Accounts

    Hello there! i want to buy YouTube Aged Accounts with Videos i need 2006 to 2010 YT Accounts is there any seller here please reply... Thanks
  3. tungtrinh.tee

    Get Monetized Youtube Channel | 4000 Hours Watch Time & 1000 Subscribers

    Price for Monetized Youtube Channel: $380 How To Order: 1. Click here to buy our monetized Youtube account 2. Fill out your informations and pay 3. You will receive an email with a confirmation of payment 4. Our staff will check and send the account to you, after 0-5 days 5. You receive the...
  4. V

    Has anyone bought Monetized Youtube Accounts before?Did they get banned?

    Hi guys, has anyone bought Monetized Youtube Accounts before?(either here or any other forum/website). If so, I would like to know if those accounts ever got banned or not? I have seen a lot of posts about people selling Monetized Channels and i am thinking of buying one but I'm not sure if...
  5. Mrtlsatan


    OP admits to being just a reseller. That is not allowed here - thread closed. For the staff - On the market for two years and providing you aged and fresh, pva and non-pva YouTube accounts. Quality Accounts: We...
  6. A

    Where to buy Youtube Accounts.

    Hello guys, I'm looking to buy some YouTube accounts, maybe 100? The guy I last bought from really didn't help, 40 of the 100 accounts worked and the rest were mass banned! All the usernames had 4 numbers after a name, he probably used fakenamegenerator & They looked very unprofessional and...
  7. G

    Where to Buy Good-Quality Youtube Accounts?

    Hey Guys, I've been on this forum for a while and only just bothered to sign up =S! So Anyways, Do you guys know of a reputable Youtube Account Sellers that sell good-quality accounts that don't get asked for verification within 24hrs? I Have Tried Getbulkaccounts, they do 100 accounts for $10...
  8. dheer

    Buy Quality ~ Gmail - Yahoo - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Pinterest ~ Accounts PVA/NPVA

    Hi BHatters, You came to the right solution for your Youtube/Facebook marketing needs. We are providing quality Youtube/Facebook accounts and a great support after selling them. We are not here to sell you cheap YT's/FB's for cheap prices and then rip you off for some bucks, infact we are here...