buy xrumer

  1. dujow

    where to buy xrumer?

    Search not helping me out. Google definitely not helping. What is the official homepage for Xrumer guys?
  2. D

    Where Can I buy xRumer?

    Hi people, how are you? Im trying to get into the official xrumer page but Im not sure because when I search for xrumer in G I get at least 3 possible official pages. Can someone give me the official xrumer URL? I dont want to be scammed by +600 bucks :D Thanks Damian
  3. waylander

    How to earn MONEY with Xrumer FAST [GURU WON`T TELL U]

    Well some INTRO Do not use new domains for your sites for Xrumer Blast. You will be sandboxed immediately for getting so many links at a short time. Go to and seek for TRUSTED web 2.0 sites, which have been already used by Viagra spammers (get one of the Viagra long tail...
  4. I

    URGENT:if you want to buy xrumer READ HERE!

    Well...i am going to buy xrumer. xrumer can be used on 2 pc at the same time+xrumer is expensive. so this is my offer: you pay me 200$ and i pay the rest 356$ ...then you can use xrumer for free for the rest of your life. license will be at my name but you will have the software just like me...
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