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  1. D

    Good power likes services?

    I've been shopping around for a power like service that sends likes from legit accounts rather than bots etc. So far have used Infinicore and they seemed okay but want to add on some others. Has anyone used or heard of Waverly Social or Social Plug or Cloud Social? I saw a thread for Cloud...
  2. El_Pedro_Blanco

    The mistakes I made with PowerLikes so you won't make it

    Recently, I've been reading a lot about Powerlikes and providers, notably on BHW . To be honest with you guys, I have a limited experience with PowerLikes and that was not very good one. But I want to share with you the two mistakes I made because I think it could be useful for some of us...
  3. sleepybear

    Looking for reddit upvotes - Will use weekly

    I'm looking for someone to provide me with reddit upvotes and if the service is good I will use it every single week, possibly multiple times a week. If you offer reddit posts as well then that would be a great addition too. Please comment or PM with offers.
  4. bonito84

    InstaLiker type of apps (Like apps) BAD for engagement?

    Hi there guys, I think InstaLiker iOS app is no longer on the App Store, but I'm still using it on my phone. Do you think that this type of apps are bad for engagement? They are basically instant likes (some times it takes a bit longer, but... yep, and I heard that Instagram somehow knows...
  5. CalumAnderson

    Best Auto-Pilot Facebook like trade service?

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone knows of good Facebook like trade services for posts? I know I can buy likes from outlets but the lowest they offer is usually 100likes and I want the likes to look legit for a new page and obviously 100likes will not look legit! I am looking for something...
  6. pulkitseo

    Looking to buy safe 74k facebook page likes

    Hello All, Looking to buy safe 74k facebook page likes. please quote rates as below real indian likes real indian fake likes real indian mix (fake and real likes) real global likes real global fake likes real global and Indian mix Tnx
  7. C

    Buy Facebook likes?

    Hello. I'm in the process of creating a new page on Facebook and it's my first one so I don't have much experience with this. I thought I could start by buying some likes to get it started. Is it ok to buy Facebook likes from the various sites that sell them or it's against the ToS and I can get...
  8. 500views

    Instant Instagram Likes Reseller Panel

    Hey Guys, I have been a member of BHW since 2011 :eek: long time.... This is my official first sales thread :fingersx: I have a panel that currently provides REAL Instagram likes to any public post. The likes are instant and the accounts are all 100% active and real. This give you a big...
  9. deBling

    Can I add likes to youtube video while making money with adsnese

    I beleive this is really tought question regardings adsense.I have video where i would like to add some likes, but i making with this video money on adsense. I need to know is it safe or not? Can i buy like form sites like like4like or similar ones? Thank you for your answears.
  10. Tytus

    ++++++++++i need likes for now!!++++++++++++

    As it stays in title I have 45 min left. Write how fast/how much/ from where. Thanks.
  11. writerhere

    Wanted 100k facebook likes

    I want to hire someone for getting 100k likes for my fanpage. It can be worldwide. You should finish it in a month. Should not get my page banned. No unliking afterwards. Please let me know your best price.