business to business leads

  1. GringoMonkey

    [BETA TESTERS] Get B2B Lead Data

    I have noticed a lot of people looking for B2B lead data and it is quite messy to acquire useful data. Standard scraping methods, like google maps or yellow pages just gets you generic data, which is not really that useful. The manual methods are really complicated, time consuming and messy to...
  2. GringoMonkey

    (JV) Your Subscription Product/Service My Marketing

    Do you have a monthly subscription product or service? If so, i can market it for you. In return i would want 50% of the subscription fee. If this jv interests you, pm me with your subscription offer details and i will see if i can help.
  3. GringoMonkey

    (JV) Your B2B Product, My Sales

    If you have a proven business to business (b2b) product i can drive sales. % negotiable. If your interested pm your b2b product details.