1. Blackwidow997

    Hiring Bumble VA for Account Creation

    We are looking for VA to create bumble accounts using our in house method (Training provided). You will be creating the accounts on a jailbroken iphone. One will be provided for you if you don't already have one. No experience necessary if but we do ask that you are tech focused. ALL potential...
  2. D

    Looking for someone to help me with a bumble / tinder farm

    Hi I’m a of model . I want someone to create accounts for me then I want to funnel traffic from tinder / bumble to my IG > OF on multiple profiles I have no idea how to do this and I’m looking for someone I can pay to do this for me on a regular basis . Get in touch !
  3. U

    50$-100$ per day from funneling people from SnapChat to OnlyFans

    At the moment snapchat killed most of the competition out there, no more bots and no more spammers, to be honest it's like a mine of gold for people who know how to funnel people I am promoting my snapchat account first for 1-3 days and then I start chatting with users If you are a good...
  4. CritikalKhilo

    My journey to $300/day on OnlyFans using dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, Badoo).

    Hello BHW, I started my onlyfans agency a few months ago. Currently, I'm generating $3000/month with my model, and today I want to share my journey to $300/day on OnlyFans through full dating app integration. Throughout my OnlyFans journey, I focused 100% on traffic acquisition using dating...
  5. curdoc

    Journey to create immortal Bumble accounts (well, at least profitable). OnlyFans case study which started now

    Hello everyone, for the last three days, I have been doing a test of running Bumble accounts with our swiper with built-in AI. I am running a small chat where I have been sharing my case study for the last three days. I decided to also post it here on BlackHatWorld. This post will be a...
  6. Slorm31600

    Search Dating App (DA) emulator Onlyfans complete method

    Hello, I am highly interested in acquiring a solid method of dating app on emulator. Feel free to contact me directly on tg: @pablo31000 Thank you very much
  7. D

    Extention/Bot for Dating Apps on Web

    Hey, im looking for a Coder who can create a Extention for Dating Apps in my Case Tinder and Bumble. You need to know how to encrypt and the re-design the Overlay. A Plan how to set it up for my Members would be awesome aswell.
  8. J

    Where to find all tinder verification poses?

    Does anyone have a pack of the updated tinder and bumble verification poses or know where to find them?
  9. K

    Case study: Cloning Bumble vs real devices

    I’ve primarily used bumble to market a model in my ofm agency. For the past 8 months my agency has been running, I decided to market on dating apps first. However, as time went on, I was seeing less and less traffic and eventually it seemed like it just wasn’t IT for the amount of work put in...
  10. J

    How do I download tinder on emulator?

    When downloading tinder from the google play store on emulator, it makes me sign in with a Google account. So my first question is: can you use 1 Google account to download tinder on every different Android you have set up on emulator? And questions 2 is: is there any other way to download...
  11. lemlemm

    Looking for an onlyfan agency

    Hello ! I'm looking for an expert who knows how to bring me traffic for an AI onlyfans model. I can basically create infinite content of her. It doesn't matter the method, reddit, tinder, bumble, tiktok, instagram etc... The goal is simple, to bring me onlyfans subscriptions daily If you...
  12. Reverse_Flash

    Expert to bring me traffic on Onlyfans

    Hello everyone I'm looking for an expert who knows how to bring me traffic for my onlyfans model. One with 230 subs and one with 63 subs (both are new) It doesn't matter the method, reddit, tinder, bumble, tiktok, instagram etc... The goal is simple, to bring me onlyfans subscriptions...
  13. ambassador_ofm

    Looking for an expert to bring me traffic on Onlyfans

    Hello everyone I'm looking for an expert who knows how to bring in onlyfans subscriptions, with whom I can collaborate on a long-term basis, to bring me traffic for my onlyfans model. It's a quality model, I'm already making a lot of money and I'm looking to optimize the traffic even more...
  14. E

    Bumble Account Verification using Bluestacks Emulator with OBS VirtualCam

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time verifying bumble accounts using Bluestacks emulator. My setup is: Bluestacks 5 version P64 OBS 27.2.4 with VirtualCam 2.0.5 App Cloner Premium RB 1.5.32 Bumble 5.337.0 IPRoyal Residential Proxies Text Verified US (+1) Numbers Here is what I do...
  15. V

    Pre-verified bumble/badoo accounts

    Does anyone know how to get pre-verified bumble or badoo accounts?
  16. R

    Snapchat Chatters for OF

    Need some snapchat chatters with decent/fluent english for my onlyfans model. You will be working on snapchats full with bumble/tinder adds around 70-200 adds per snap, scripts and tips on how to chat will be provided You will be paid hourly +3% comission (paid out weekly) You need to be...
  17. Scarabeus

    Bumble Account Creation for OnlyFans with AppCloner BluePrint

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling with Bumble Account creations on android devices. I can easily create accounts with this method, yet they are getting shadowbanned after 12-16 likes Here is my Setup: Xiaomi Note 8PRO Android 11 AppCloner 2.16.10 (cracked) Socks5 IPv4 USA proxy Here is what I...
  18. R

    Looking for a Bumble Creator (dating apps) training will be provided

    Hello, I'm looking for a bumble account creator for onlyfans marketing. Please message if interested
  19. FABS995

    Bumble Marketing Specialist | $345 per Month | 40 Hours per Week | Training Will Be Provided

    Job Overview: We are seeking a dedicated Bumble Marketing Specialist to join our team. As the specialist, you will play a vital role in creating and managing Bumble accounts to drive traffic to our client's Instagram account. Rest assured, we provide comprehensive step-by-step processes with...
  20. Grudge

    [GIVEAWAY] 20 Bumble PVA Verifications

    We're giving away 20 accounts with 1 Bumble pva verification on pvaguys.com To enter just reply in this thread with "Interested in Bumble" We'll PM you with the account details with enough balance to register 1 account. The accounts are given on a first come, first serve basis.
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