bulk email marketing

  1. I

    Need some help/advice with SMTP servers (for use with Atomic Email Sender)

    Hello, I would greatly appreciate some advice from the experienced email marketers community out here. I am looking to send mass emails to a large list of emails (around 1-2 million emails a month) using Atomic email sender. The default provided SMTP servers within the software will obviously...
  2. A

    Email Blasting for E-Comm. & Finance

    Hello Everyone, Longtimer lurker here. This is my first post. For quite a while I have been researching Email blasting as substitute to Paid Ads for my E-Commerce Startup & Finance Business. For E-Comm. I have not yet decided the products but they will either be like affiliate marketing or my...
  3. busyangel

    Get Your Own Dedicated Bulk Email Server, Dedicated IP, Unlimited Sending To Inbox, On Your Own Domain

    CONTACT US: Discord: BusyAngel#8949 Skype: live:.cid.feaccd13347a341
  4. Banik_Babe

    How to Send Bulk Marketing Emails?

    Hey guys, I have an established blog and I want to send Marketing Emails to a target audience. I have over 5000 Emails that I have collected from a competitor's data leak. I was using Mailchimp all this while but now their free quota isn't helping me. What cheap ways can I use? I have heard...
  5. B

    Is there any way to send 10k emails per day ?

    Hi, I have a huge database of CXOs, I want to use it in email marketing to promote the affiliate products. So, can anyone please suggest me the best tool (easy to install, no domain name required) to send at least 10k emails in a day. I have discussed it with multiple people and most of them...
  6. B

    Bulk Email Service

    Evening, I am looking for someone to send bulk promotion al emails. 500,000 to 1,000,000 monthly. Thanks..
  7. kathbura

    Make money on ClickBank through Email Marketing

    Hi, I have an old clickbank account and I also have some good amount email list. I am planing to make money using them. I've created my own email server (using hosting+Interspire+Postmark SMTP) and tested it. It is working fine. I did an email campaign to send a click bank "weight loss"...
  8. sendlerad

    ⚛️⚡Email Databases, Bulk Email Marketing Solutions, Data Cleaning, Scraping & MORE⭐✅

    Dear, BHW Member If you are an Email Marketer, and you are looking for quality email data & email marketing services, we offer: Email lists - Niche Data: Gambling, Forex, Binary Options, Crypto-currency Related Data PayDay, Survey, Home Owners, Adult, Dating, Gender/Income/Age Specific Data...
  9. Abhimmo

    Bulk Email Server On Linux With Ip - Rotation

    Hey! awesome guys i'm abhishek and find something most helpful thing for my small business it's called email marketing please share how can build bulk email server with ip rotation features must on server 1) Ip Rotation 2) rDNS 3) Interspire or outlook both compatible 4) SPF 5) DKIM 6)...
  10. amb1235

    Again Blasting with Bulk Emails

    Hi.... Love you People with Great Minds of Internet marketing......... Last month, I started bulk Email marketing but did not get success but As a Internet marketer i didn't learn to give up So i think to start Again with blasting emails. So guys let me know What things should i do. Blasting...
  11. T

    Looking for an 10K Email Sender for cleaning

    Hello readers, As being said in the topic, we're looking for a person who can send emails to our lists (10k non opt-in every month) for cleaning purposes. The frequency is once a week to a list. We're interested in realible, professional and experienced person for this. Please get back to me...
  12. linuxsmtp

    Email Marketing the best way to Make Money Online

    Its been a year since the last time i posted here in Blackhatworld.Too much coding gaves me anxiety for almost a year.Now im back on creating personal smtp / email server. Il give you guys some quick tutorial on emailing. Email list: In order to make money on email marketing you need a...
  13. fmbaba01

    Need a Bulk Email sender Urgently

    Are you a bulk email sender, or an email marketer that have got capacity(platform) to send emails to inbox? Please contact me here urgently skype: fmbaba01
  14. ChrisAdim12

    SMTP And Mass/Bulk Emailing Software

    Okay, due to the lack of thread response yesterday I thought I'd keep this simple! Looking for a basic (starter) SMTP setup along with some sort of Bulk Email Software. Have money - looking to purchase today. The easiest setup available would be cool. Any help or tips on this subject would be...
  15. Teotech

    Become Email Marketing GURU - Amazon Ses Production + IEM + Free Email Validation

    Listen Carefully Email Marketers Here Comes The Best & Innovative Email Solution ALL IN ONE!!! We Are Pround To Present Our Brand New & Unique Service Exclusively On BHW. All emailers have now the all in one solution for guaranteed inboxing. Blast marketing and transactional emails with the...
  16. S

    Need Bulk Email Server

    Hi guys, I am looking for bulk email service. Requirements are listed below: 1) 200K per day sending requirements 2) Min 40K mail per hour speed
  17. S

    Looking For Bulk Email Markter

    Hi, I m looking for freelancer who can help me in sending bulk email campaign. My requirements are listed below. 500K mail sending everyday 50K mails in an hour Please understand i m not interested in buying server nor intersphire setup I am ready to pay base on email credit...
  18. Teotech

    INNOVATIVE & UNIQUE Rent Your Own SMTP Mail Server-Send UNLIMITED Emails +FREE VPS

    Brand New Innovative And Unique Service Exclusively On BHW
  19. A

    need bulk email server with interspire and powermta solution

    We are looking for somebody having sufficient experience in setting up an email server (using Interspire including listed addons and Power MTA) which is able to send about 400k emails per day. Currently we are using a 3rd party webbased bulkmail solution (including sending accounts and monthly...
  20. J

    Installing PowerMta and Interspire...capability of sending 1 to 1.5 million emails per da

    We are in need of bullet proof email servers that give us the capability of sending 1 to 1.5 million emails per day (2-3 mailings of 500K each). We need someone that knows how to install the Interspire (email marketer) software and setup a server with port25.com/Power mta mail server...
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