1. Miqdaddy

    15 Post-Rule Mixup?

    Good day People! So here is something i noticed in the days i've been in here: So in the above image (brand new Newbie acc) - it clearly says that after 15 posts (when an account becomes newbie+) it can post links but here is the thing... As of now only the Registered Members and above can...
  2. D

    Jr. VIP with 99 posts - HOW?

    Hello, This member (@Lanfeust) is Jr. VIP right now with 99 posts only. Although he made more than 60 posts today only and around 95 posts in last two days. Is there any changes in Jr. VIP requirements? Or it is a bug in BHW 2.0? Thanks. @MisterF @SoccerLover @davids355 @Zwielicht
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